By David Lahai Kargbo

17th April, 2024

Freetown residents are bracing for extended power outages as Karpowership, a major electricity provider in Sierra Leone, has significantly reduced its supply to the capital city. This comes after the SLPP government’s outstanding debt to Karpowership reached $46 million, with non-payment dating back to November 2023.

The reduction is drastic, with Karpowership cutting its supply from 65 MegaWatts (MW) to a mere 5 MW. This limited power will reportedly prioritize essential services, leaving many homes and businesses facing extended blackouts.

A Return to Darkness?

This situation evokes memories of a bygone era. Before 2007, Sierra Leone was infamous as the “darkest city” under President Kabbah’s administration. Residents relied heavily on generators, nicknamed “Kabba tigers,” to cope with the lack of electricity.

The restoration of electricity under President Ernest Bai Koroma in 2007 marked a significant improvement. Sadly, the progress seems to be reversing under President Bio’s leadership. His claim of “sufficient electricity generation” at the State Opening of Parliament now rings hollow, especially with the current distribution limitations.

A History of Unfulfilled Promises

The government’s previous assurances about the Ivory Coast electricity grid and a constant power supply now appear to be empty promises. EDSA’s (Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority) explanations of cable theft and technical issues seem further undermined by Karpowership’s direct statement regarding the debt-related reduction.

Facing the Heat with Limited Power

The lack of electricity will be particularly harsh given Freetown’s hot climate. Businesses and households will struggle to operate and maintain comfortable living conditions.

A Call to Action

This situation demands a swift resolution. The government must prioritize settling its debt with Karpowership.

Amara Momoh

The government does not want light. It will make the people see what truly goes on. The government even want the people to go blind and be permanently sedated. Having electricity and running water are two signs of civilization. The government want the people to continue being uncivilized for as long as possible. The current situation is a form of slavery
Joseph M Bengeh the situation is pathetic. The government is hopeless. The people are helpless. All the speeches don’t mean a damn thing when there is no action aimed at improving the living conditions of the people who remain passive and still waiting for God to come and save them.

Chernoh Bah

Hope you did justice to all of us by calling out the system itself, not only EDSA the governance system is failing, hard ship and bad management everywhere the health system is worst than the light system people are dying bro, our country is becoming a jungle no proper system please visit our government hospital and see.

Chernoh Bah

Lawrence Bangura May God help us, most of us don’t want to learn things are getting scarry bro

Lawrence Bangura

Chernoh Bah Exactly….Them say fet you survival…People still dae pan, na me party, tribesman dae na power.


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  1. I think it’s a good idea to proritize and find swift way to pay or negotiate the debts but equally, all personnel beginning with the Minister to commissioners of EDSA & EGTC should be called to answer for this failure.nm

    This is a situation that warrants an in depth enquirer and the gov should not take it lightly

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