The vanishing voice of the opposition in Sierra Leone

*The Vanishing Voice of the Opposition in Sierra Leone*

By Attorney Basita Michael

In Sierra Leonean politics, the absence of a constructive and robust opposition has left a void that reverberates through every facet of governance. For decades, the people of Sierra Leoene have hoped for an opposition that would hold the government accountable. However, the reality falls far short of this ideal. Instead of fervently advocating for the interests of the populace, the opposition seems content to languish in the shadows of political expediency.

As we confront pressing issues ranging from economic hardship and lack of power supply to social inequality, the silence of the opposition is deafening. Where are the voices demanding transparency in governance, challenging flawed policies, and championing the rights of ordinary citizens? The void left by the opposition is palpable, leaving citizens disillusioned and disheartened.

While some brave souls in the press and legal profession endeavour to fill the void, the burden of opposition should not rest solely on their shoulders.

The very essence of democracy hinges on the existence of a vigilant opposition, one that serves as a formidable check on the powers that be. It is time for the opposition to rediscover its purpose, reignite the flames of accountability and be the voice of the people.The voice that our nation so desperately needs.Only then can we truly aspire to a future where governance is truly by the people, for the people.

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