Widow of I.T.A. Wallace-Johnson dies in Freetown

Widow of I.T.A. Wallace-Johnson dies in Freetown
Written by Cocorioko Newspaper Limited
Friday, 11 January 2008
Mrs. Sally Ann Wallace-Johnson, the widow of the legendary Sierra Leonean trade unionist, journalist, politician  and freedom fighter, the late I.T.A Wallace-Johnson , has died in Freetown. She passed away at the age of 98. Mrs .Wallace-Johnson was 56 when her internationally-famed and one of Sierra Leone’s greatest patriots died on May 10,  1965 at the age of 70.
Mrs. Wallace-Johnson then lived 42 years more to see Sierra Leone move steadily  from the Athens of West Africa to the poorest nation on earth, according to the United Nations Development index. How the wife of a patriot (who laboured through countless perils at the hands of the colonial masters to help Sierra Leone free hersef from the yoke of colonial rule ) perceived all the changes that later took place in Sierra Leone through  the disheartening performance of successive governments , will make very interesting reading.
She is the second widow of a notable patriot to die within the past month. In December , Mrs .Esther Sarif-Easmon, widow of another fighter for social and political justice, journalist and lawyer Sarif Easmon, died in Freetown. Mrs Easmon was laid to rest in Freetown on Tuesday this week.
May their souls rest in peace.

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