First Lady Fatima Bio will be SLPP’s achilles heel in 2023

Fatima Bio, Not Fatmata Sawaneh, is the Hercules’ Heels of President Bio’s Rise and Fall Come 2023

By Abu Shaw in London (30/11/2021)

The failure of President Maada Bio is very clear and his imminent fall in the 2023 presidential elections will be caused by his wife Fatima Jabbe Bio.

The bitter love rivalry between the First Lady Fatima Jabbe Bio and the SLPP National Women’s leader Mrs Fatmata Sawaneh is just one of the long-drawn negative attitudes that characterised Fatima Bio. She is, without doubt, the Hercules’ heels of her husband President Bio, and not Fatmata Sawaneh, though she too is not violent-oriented. It is pathetic that President Bio, apparently under Fatima’s spell, does not see the damage his wife has already caused to the ruling SLPP party in particular. The ongoing feud between President Bio’s wife Fatima and his long-time sweetheart Fatmata Sawaneh reached its crescendo over the weekend during the SLPP party’s internal elections in Kailahun District in eastern Sierra Leone. Pandemonium broke out as members of the SLPP party confirmed the widening cracks within the rank and file of the party as a cross-section supported Fatima Bio’s camp while the majority sided with the Fatmata Sawaneh. (Photo: Fatmata Sawaneh tied her waist ready to battle Fatima Bio in Kailahun).

The conference hall in Kailahun was like a war zone, observers say. Throwing down the gauntlet openly in Kailahun was the incumbent SLPP National Women’s Wing President Fatmata Sawaneh who did not hold back in the aftermath of her overwhelming endorsement to run again for the position of SLPP National Women’s Wing leader. In her firebrand speech in the presence of President Bio and Fatima Bio, Fatmata Sawaneh was seen warning those trying to disunite her beloved SLPP party for the benefit of a few. “We will not allow anyone to buy our party members,” Fatmata Sawaneh blasted. The outspoken Fatmata did not name names but her blast was apparently aimed at the First Lady Fatima Jabbe Bio who was listening uncomfortably.

For her part, Fatima Bio has never hidden her unceasing hate for Fatmata Sawaneh primarily because of being President Bio’s secret concubine. Fatmata’s intimate affairs with the President could be traced way back when Maada Bio was not even Head of State. Both were serving in the military when they fell in love. Fatmata was the first true love in Maada Bio’s life years Fatima Jabbe Bio came into the picture and subsequently captured Maada’s attention when they met in London in 2013. They became a couple even though Maada Bio was still married to his first legitimate wife the US-based Madam Francess Bio. The playboy President has been under Fatima Bio’s juju spell ever since. (Photo: Love rivals Fatmata Sawaneh and Fatima Jabbe Bio. President Bio in serious trouble).

The First Lady’s magic was felt in Sierra Leone in 2018 when her husband was voted in as President. Lots of credit go to Fatima Bio for her contribution to see President Bio sworn in as Head of State on April 4, 2018. The admiration for Fatima Bio inside the SLPP party slowly diminished due to her ‘Lady Macbeth’ style of politics. And one succinct fact that has emerged in recent times is the countless roles Fatima Bio had cunningly usurped in governance, much to the chagrin of the SLPP party members. Also, when Fatima became First Lady, the first thing she did was to form a rival Women’s Wing called Julius Maada Bio’s Women’s JMB. Fatima formed the JMB in direct confrontation with her love rival Fatmata Sawaneh who was and still is the National President of the real SLPP Women’s Wing.

Now, things are falling apart broad daylight in the SLPP colony, thanks in no small way to the ‘Jack of All Trades’ attitude of Fatima Bio. “This woman is everywhere in our party and government. Fatima continues to interfere in all decision-makings of the SLPP government. Even in the various government ministries, Fatima Bio has forced herself into cabinet positions, representing Ministers at home and abroad thereby relegating the real ministers as nonentities. She had always turned her attention to dividing the SLPP party women’s wing for selfish gains. Fatima has destroyed our party,” an angry SLPP grass-root supporter confided.

During the Kailahun SLPP party conference over the weekend, this was what one fuming SLPP member said is his audio. He noted: “Please pass on this message to the delegate of the SLPP party, the diehard supporters of President Bio. Let Madam First Lady take her hands out of the internal SLPP party politics. Why should they give our brothers in Port Loko, Kambia, and other parts of the northeast region and northwest region four million Leones each to vote against their own sister Madam Fatmata Sawaneh? And I hope and believe that our brothers from the north, our sisters from the north, our uncles from the north, our aunties from the north would never do it. (Photo: The two SLPP candidates for the Women’s Wing President. Fatmata and Josephine Jackson, right, Fatima Bio’s candidate).

“Because, our aunties, uncles, brothers, and sisters from the east and the south, are all standing with Madam Fatmata Sawaneh. So why should our on brothers and sisters and uncles and aunties betray Fatmata Sawaneh in the north? It is not possible. They are ready to give support to Madam Fatmata Sawaneh. The four million Leones you have been bribed in the north, please hold it and eat it and then vote for Fatmata Sawaneh. The money Madam First Lady has given to you, make sure that you eat it. And make no mistake, please go and vote for Madam Fatmata Sawaneh, who has suffered for the SLPP party, she has got all kinds of humiliation for the SLPP. She has faced insults, even her mother had been insulted.

“Today, Madam First Lady who was acting films in Nollywood has come now to mislead the SLPP by driving away all the good people. Fatima Bio has recruited people to come and spoil the SLPP. Her people have plans to open a film industry so that when the SLPP party goes back into opposition, they would use the money they have stolen to make more films. That is their plan. We will not allow that today or tomorrow. So my brothers and sisters, the four million Leones Fatima Bio has used to bribe you, eat it. Right now inside Kailahun, bribery is taking place. Hawa Fallay is dishing out the money right now. Fatima Bio has handed over the money to Hawa.

“As you all know, the First Lady is the head of the JMB Women’s Wing. Fatima said she has a love for her husband, but she is not showing true love to her husband. Fatima is destroying the party because if she truly loves her husband, she would have gathered all the SLPP women together and handed them over to Fatmata Sawaneh, the women’s leader. But Fatima Bio did not do that, instead, she went on to pick her cabal and put them in one umbrella called JMB to stand against Madam Fatmata Sawaneh. Our brothers in the north, this is not about tribalism, please we should not allow Fatima to mess up with the SLPP. Please vote for Fatmata Sawaneh,” the disappointed SLPP supporter warns his SLPP membership.

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