Funeral arrangements for the late Mr. Edward Babatunde Blyden


Final Funeral Rites for the Late Edward Babatunde Walter Gustavus Blyden will be as follows:


Service of Thanksgiving and Commendation on 

Monday 27th February, 2017 at 6pm at

Forest Hill Methodist Church,

Normanton Street,

London, SE23 2DS


Tuesday 28th February 2017, the remains leave London for Freetown on Air France


Wednesday 1st March 2017, the remains arrive at Lungi Airport to be formally received by COLUMBIA DAVIES MEMORIAL FUNERAL PARLOUR.


Vigil/Wakekeeping on 

Saturday 4th March, 2017 at 6pm at

Zion Methodist Church,

Wilberforce Street,

Freetown, Sierra Leone


Funeral and Communion Service on 

Sunday 5th March, 2017 at 2.30pm at

Zion Methodist Church,

Wilberforce Street,

Freetown, Sierra Leone


Interment at 

Race Course Cemetery,


Sierra Leone


Meanwhile, Books of Condolence have been opened at the following two locations where sympathisers may call:


75c Tressillian Road


London SE4 1YA

Tel: +44-208-691-8417


8 Ndoeka Drive

Cockle Bay

Off Aberdeen Ferry Rd


Tel: +232-76-812345

Formal Obituary Announcement 


The Edward Blyden Family regrets to announce the passing away of our Patriarch: Mr. Edward Walter Babatunde Gustavus Blyden, which sad event took place in London, UK on the 14th of February 2017, aged 74. He is survived by his wife, Mrs Sylvia Blyden

His children, Pastor Mrs Babsy Kaye; Hon. Government Minister Dr Sylvia Blyden; Miss  Cheryl Blyden and Mr Edward Babatunde Blyden jnr.

Sons and daughter in law, Mr Ashley Kaye, Mr Isaac Adegboyega and Mrs Elsa Blyden,

Grandchildren, Sylvester, Linda, Samuel, Ashanti, Akintoye, Miles and Mia-Rose.

Father in Law, Professor Solomon Pratt.

Foster Children, Mrs Virginia Zack-Williams, Mrs Abie Labor-Koroma, Mr Safea Songu-Mbriwa, Mrs Isatu Brima-Keita, Mr Theophilus Kamara, Mr Lawrence Sesay and Mrs Jacqueline Cullen-Olushesi and their familes.

Sisters and brothers, Madam Joya Davies, Mr Emmanuel Harding, Madam Isa Blyden, Mr Bai Blyden, Mrs Fenda Akinwumi, Dr Eluem Blyden, Madam Cleo Blyden, Chef Didi Blyden, Dr Nemata Bickersteth, Mrs Josephine Jalloh Jamboria, Mrs Araba Ben-Carew-Josiah and their families.

Sisters and brothers in law, Mr Egerton Mammah, Mrs Angella Williams, Mrs Antoinette Roberts, Mr Joe Jalloh-Jamboria, Mrs Hannah Butcher, Mrs Thelma Conteh, Mr James Pratt, Mr Akintoye Akinwumi, Mrs Glenys Blyden, Mrs Mary Harding, Mr Bickersteth and Mrs Victoria Ben-Carew.

Several cousins, nieces and nephews, including Mrs Ayodele Cream-Wright, Mrs Iyamide Clarke, Mr Eddie Bahsco-George, Mrs Nafisatu Alhadi, Mr Tunjie Lightfoot-Taylor, Mr Lloyd Bright,  Hon Justice Bintu Alhadi, Administrator & Registrar General Madam Seray Kallay, Mrs Hilda Shyllon, Mrs Ruby Stronge, Mrs Isabella Findlay, Miss Emma Harding, Mrs Matilda Adjagba, Mrs Emmanuella Jenkins and Mr Emmanuel Harding jnr.

Other relatives include, First Lady Mrs Sia Nyama Koroma and the Abu Aiah Koroma family, Mrs. Marian Adebie-Williams, The Solomon Pratt family, Revd Bami & Apostle Lucinda Palmer, Boyle, Patnelli, Porter, Mammah, Candy, Bull, Iscandari, Zubairu, Dahniya, Marsh, Alhadi, Taylors, Williams, Ben-Carew, Mr & Mrs Unisa Carew, Lightfoot Taylor, Bascho-George, Songu-Mbriwa, Elba Jones, Nicol of Aberdeen, Takawira, Roberts of Congo town, the Foulah Town & Fourah Bay Community and the Juba Estate community.

Close family friends, Haja Mrs Mabinty S.I. Koroma, Mr & Mrs Robert Briggs, Dr Dolly Grant, Mrs Farella Thomas-Clarkson.

He was pioneer of the wave of youths self-empowerment in eighties and nineties, the Founding Director of the Civic Development Education Center (CDEC); Chairman of the Sierra Leone United Nations Association (SLUNA), Commissioner of the National Commission for Democracy amongst other positions of service he held.

Whilst seeking Refuge in Britain from the civil war in Sierra Leone, his Civic Educator role was quickly identified and he was recruited by the Tony Blair Labour Government to hold one of the 5 key Posts in the Quango attached to the Home Office known as THE EXPERIENCE CORP.

He was in post for 5 years after which he was Chairman of the Lewisham Homes Association of Sydenham.

He was also in the Chaplaincy Service at Lewisham Hospital where he offered a lot of support to patients. He did a lot of pastoral work with drug addicted youths in Britain and created lots of entertainment for the Aged by organising trips, picnics and many social functions.

Until he fell ill, he was a very active member of several Masonic Bodies in England, Gambia and Sierra Leone as well as The Hastings Ojeh Society, The Foulah Town Geledeh Society and The Firestone Cultural Society. He was a constant annual patron of several of Freetown Cultural Ordehlays including East End Paddle. He was also a member of the APC United Kingdom branch. He was also one of the Board of Trustees at Zion Methodist Church, Wilberforce Street.

May his wonderful soul rest in perfect peace.


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