Lawyer Kabaka feeds thousands of children

Lawyer Abu Bakarr Turay, commonly known as The Kabaka is not only a philanthropist but has succeeded in positioning himself as one of the true Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ by continuously fulfilling the commandment of giving to the poor.


KABAKA 1The philanthropist Lawyer is not only doing well as Public Relations Officer of the Sierra Leone Bar Association, his service to his community is been described as second to none.
Children in the central Freetown were assembled on Monday 30th November 2015 to receive food and other items,marking the celebration of the Lawyer’s Natal Day.

The celebration was done along Regent Street in the central part of Freetown; where kids were gathered from across the various communities to witness the celebration.


Addressing the kids, Lawyer Turay said he is more than happy to celebrate his birthday with children more so when he knows the constrains faced by those children in that communities. “I was raised in a poor family, so I know what it means to be poor and how frustrating it is,” he said, and added that, the only key to success is education and determination.

Lawyer Kabaka admonished the children to take their education seriously and appealed to them to be focused and study hard so that they can achieve big things in the feature.

He said life without education in this 21st century is frustrating, challenging and full of surprises. He urged them to make use of the little opportunity they have in school and always aim for big things in the feature. “I am still within the youth bracket and God has blessed me a lot, I feel like giving back to my people, starting with the kids in the community,” Lawyer Kabaka said.
However, he appealed to parent and guardians present at the ceremony to encourage their children to go to school and also appeal to them to be vigilant and determine to ensure that their kids get the quality education they deserved in their various schools.
He concluded by stating that he would ensure that he celebrates his natal day yearly with the children and would also ensure that he treat children issues with the top most priority its deserve. “I am a father with three kids, and I know what it takes to raise a kid and the joy of having successful children,” he said.

The Minister of Social Welfare Gender and Children’s Affairs Alhaji Moijuei Kaikai commend the young lawyer for his consideration and love for the children tin the community. He admitted that he feels proud to see such amount of children who came out to celebrate with the Lawyer. This, he said shows how the children love and appreciate the good work of Lawyer Turay in the community. He reiterated the call for children to take their education seriously as it’s the only key to their success, and the means to achieve greatness. Kaikai assures the children that as a government they are doing all they can to ensure that they seek the welfare of children at all levels.

He urged Lawyer Turay not to lose sight of the children, as he should be monitoring them at all time and also should always give hope to the kids for a better feature. Alhaji Moijue Kai Kai also encourage the children to see Lawyer Kabaka as their role model. He also pledges government commitment to help them in achieving their dreams.

Several wishes were made by the children and they were appreciative of the food and drinks provided to them more so the quality of food being served.


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