Maada Bio’s action to suspend Auditor General is condemned by governance institutions and political leaders

Governance institutions and political leaders in Sierra Leone have condemned in no uncertain terms the unilateral and unconstitutional action taken today by President Maada Bio to suspend Auditor General Mrs. Lara Taylor Pearce indefinitely.

Abdul Karim Aziz Kamara

When organized criminals are running the activities of governance, all you could get is to seek for revenge so that their tracks can be covered. The 2020, report implicated almost the entire administration including………. the only way to cover tracks is to sack the only sacred human being in existence. Time will soon tell and the day of reckoning will soon come.The reason why they got her sacked is because of this so called MCC index they claimed to have passed and on the contrary, this report could send a bad signal to the entire propaganda.The death of Done Pole is a disgrace to the entire leadership of this government. Dr. Prince alleged Killer Harding, is a disgrace to mankind.

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