Mahmud Tim Kargbo writes
6th October 2018

The Mayor is the person in charge of the city and she must be allow to do her job professionally without any form of intimidation from the Central Government apparently meant to distract her attention and make her look bad in the eyes of those that elected her. “Sabotage” must not be the new jargon to exhibit bullying actions against a fellow national from another political party occupying social positions of trust.

The Deputy Minister must know his mandate and the consequences of his odd actions today before he accuse the Mayor of “sabotage”. If we are to levied sabotage accusations against anyone in this matter, the Deputy Minister neatly fit with this description because his action to openly attack the Mayor is a deliberate act to hinder the normal operations of the Mayor in the first Saturday’s monthly cleanings.

The imprecise use of words from the Deputy Minister is deadly in all fronts for him in this matter. There’s nothing like “sabotage” from the action of the Mayor, but an efficient stands to effect checks and balances to professionally block leakages and move the cleaning forward with a nationalistic sense of purpose. If that’s what the Deputy Minister is calling “sabotage” then drafters of dictionaries must add a new meaning to the word sabotage. I believe the Minister should be properly schooled on the meaning of “sabotage” and his job specification.


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