Activist writes U.S President Joe Biden, begging him to save Sierra Leone’s backsliding democracy

6:27:1522nd December 2021

By a press release (20/12/2021)

Sierra Leone’s leading US-based social media activist has written to US President Joe Biden to save Sierra Leone’s backsliding democracy now.

Mr Ibrahim Fornah, popularly known as Ibrahim, is the lead broadcaster of the People’s Liberation Movement PLM daily audios and videos. Ibrahim noted in his letter to the United States President Joe Biden: “We have people like Alie Kabba who founded the Revolutionary United Front RUF rebels and started the rebel war in Sierra Leone in 1991. Former President of Liberia Charles Taylor now serving a 50-year sentence in the UK, in his trial at the Special Court in Sierra Leone on April 26th, 2012 (for Crimes against Humanity), made it sacrosanctly clear that he met Alie Kabba at the MATABA training camp in Libya. It’s hard to fathom how someone like Alie Kabba will be an active player in Sierra Leone’s politics today and recently as a few months ago, was Sierra Leone’s Special Representative to the United Nations in New York.” Below is Mr Ibrahim’s letter to the US President – (Photo: Sierra Leoneans are fed up with the corrupt President Bio).

President of United States,

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC, USA 20500

Dec 14th, 2021

Dear Honorable President Joseph R. Biden,


President Biden for you to have a clear picture of why our governance in Sierra Leone has deteriorated to this level of INCOMPREHENSIBILITY permits me to paint the picture. We have people like Alie Kabba who founded the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) and started the rebel war in Sierra Leone. Former President of Liberia Charles Taylor now serving a 50 yr. the sentence at The Hague, in his trial at the Special Court in Sierra Leone on April 26th, 2012 (for Crimes against Humanity) made it sacrosanctly clear that he met Alie Kabba at the MATABA in Libya. It’s hard to fathom how someone like Ali Kabba will be an active player in Sierra Leone’s politics today and recently as a few months ago was Sierra Leones Special Representative to the United Nations.

And President Julius Maada Bio, now President has been involved in two military Coup d’états in Sierra Leone’s history. First, in 1992 and 1996 was a coup within the coup that he led. So, he enjoyed ruling by decree at the time, got his way with everything as a military leader, no resistance. Therefore, now that he is democratically elected, he is in a state of shock and awe that his dictatorial and autocratic style of leadership is been challenged by the citizens like myself. This is just a mix of the actors we currently have in our governance structure in Sierra Leone at this moment and that’s the PREMISE of my letter today. (Photos: President Bio and Alie Kabba, left, the founder of the deadly RUF rebels. And Charles Taylor, right, confirmed that Alie Kabba was the one he knew for the RUF leadership and not Foday Sankoh).

Our Members of Parliament are not forthcoming in posing these challenging facts to the President, because the few that tried were met with state-sponsored attacks, using thugs to cause physical and bodily harm and up to killing some of them when they dare to ask tough questions like these I am posing here today. Hon. Sherifu Carew was detained and immediately, he was released, he died two weeks later and we don’t know the cause of death to this day. Honorable Hassan Priest was hit with a vehicle in a drive-by attack and almost lost his life. And Members of Parliament are constantly fearful for their lives. After 9 Members of Parliament were unconstitutionally removed by the courts etc.

However, I will be remised if I don’t point out now that the CAUSES of the brutal rebel war 20 years ago are manifesting again in 2021 through the Presidency of Julius Maada Bio. The Tribalization and Nepotization of our public institutions, One Tribe dominance in public institutions, The Judiciary are crooked, The Police force is not trusted, The National Election Commission is not to be trusted and the Political Party Registration Commission is not worthy of the peoples’ trust. There has been a total collapse in the state and it’s safe to say at this point that Sierra Leone is a FAILED STATE. The President no longer listens to or encourages dialogue that will lead to a consensus thereby encouraging participatory democracy. It’s his way or the highway, and that’s the very definition of DICTATORSHIP and AUTOCRACY, forgetting that DEMOCRACY is the Power of the People, For the People and by the People as defined by President Abraham Lincoln.×345&!8&btvi=5&fsb=1&xpc=BSVGGF7M0P&p=https%3A//

Above all, the OPPRESSION of the OPPOSITION is ripe and is posing a present danger that could spark up deterioration in the peace that President Ernest Bai Koroma worked so hard to protect and preserve. President Koroma’s policies created an enabling environment to promote our liberties; the Right to Life, the Right to Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Civil Societies were allowed to thrive, now we know that 95% of the Civil Society Organization were from one tribe, and now that their political party is in power they’ve gone silent. We had more Newspapers, more radio stations, social media especially WhatsApp was encouraged and no one was arrested by tracing their phone numbers to find their addresses.

And President Julius Maada Bio and his supporters enjoyed these LIBERTIES during President Koroma’s term. However, I/we cannot visit Sierra Leone at this very moment because I/we have a very strong social media presence reaching millions of Sierra Leoneans globally, teaching and promoting democratic rights and civil liberties, exposing their politics of thuggery, political violence, and intimidation. Today I/we are considered enemies of the state and they are prepared to go to extremes to keep us quiet. President Biden, your decision to NOT invite President Julius Maada Bio recently to the participants in the #DemocracySummit was a very welcoming gesture, the people of Sierra Leone for one’s felt like their voices are been heard by the leader of the free world, President Joe Biden.

M.C.C ‘s reputation is in disrepute today in Sierra Leone, the people have lost all confidence in the sincerity of the MCCU CEO, Ms. Ndeyi Fatu Sesay. President Biden, we want you to look into the relationship of the current Acting CEO of the MCC, Mr. Mahmoud Bah, and the Vice President of Sierra Leone Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh, Ph.D. The Vice President of Sierra Leone oversees the MCC unit in Sierra Leone. Tribalism is said to be one of the causes of Africa’s demise, and these two gentlemen are from the same ethnic group. We want to believe Mr. Mahmoud Bah is of sound character, hence the reason you appointed him. He is known to be a true professional and he will not compromise his integrity. I must note that amidst the numerous human rights violations as indicated in the States Department Human Rights Report of 2019 and 2020 on Sierra Leone, it’s ironic that the government still made 90% in Ruling Justly. (Photos: Peaceful protesters were murdered by police in Makeni City, left. And prisoners were also killed by Presidential Guards at Pademba Road Prison in 2020).

The people of Sierra Leone find the MCC report very appalling and disgraceful. The MCC has actually created a cushion for President Bio and his thugs to continue to flagrantly violate the Human rights, political rights, and civil liberties of Sierra Leoneans every day. This is what they say to the opposition and patriotic citizens like myself, immediately we question their UNDEMOCRATIC ACTIONS, “We have passed the M.C.C your voices don’t matter anymore”. However, we are all rooting for the funds from the MCC because it will bless Sierra Leoneans tremendously if managed well.


At the moment I am typing this letter, warrants of arrests are been issued for opposition leaders and supporters that questioned the legitimacy of the unprecedented Mid-Term Census. The M.C.C has failed Sierra Leoneans woefully, the scorecard is rot with nothing but sham and deceit. Amidst, the killings of protesters across the country, i.e. Makeni Massacre, Pademba Road Prison Massacre, Tombo Killings, Lunsar Killings, removing Members of Parliament through the Courts and replacing them through the courts and not through the ballot box. Today, thousands of citizens are not represented in the House of Parliament. President Bio imposed a Speaker of Parliament against the majority party in the house of Parliament.×345&!9&btvi=8&fsb=1&xpc=mXLcuXNsOD&p=https%3A//

A Minister in his cabinet (Kabineh Kallon, an American Citizen) was caught destroying election materials on camera and he was never scolded or sacked. He is still serving. And MCC scored the government 90% on Political rights amidst such glaring evidence of impropriety. Torturing protesters, mostly women that stand up to protect their Unalienable Rights, Rights to Life, Right to Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Yet the MCC gives 90% for Civil Liberties! The raping of women in the South-Eastern part of Sierra Leone after the 2018 elections because they supported the opposition party. Satta Lamin is one of the women who were gang-raped. President Bio has never condemned, made a statement of any sort, or provide medical care for these victims. Thinking of the Psychological impact and stigma such as acts of barbarism would have on a woman, makes me sick to my stomach that President Bio does not think these women should be given justice and cared for.

Harassing opposition members and supporters, Arbitrary arrests of citizens exercising their rights to free speech, and Protests. Rampant corruption coming from the Office of the President and the First Lady as seen on CNN and reported by An Anti-Corruption Commissioner (Francis Ben Kaifala) whose role is to actually protect the President, First Lady, and the SLPP government officials, but constantly create this PERCEPTION of fighting corruption by harassing opposition members like former President Ernest Bai Koroma whilst shielding and giving cover to the ruling party members.

President Julius Maada Bio has caused so many atrocities against the citizens in our nation, his silence amidst these human rights violations is giving consent to his supporters to be very vicious against opposing voices because they know they are protected by the police and judiciary i.e. No Freedom of Speech/Expression as protected by Section 25(1) of the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone, No Freedom of assembly/association (Section 26(1) of the 1991 Constitution. No civil Liberties, No political rights, killings, arbitrary arrests, Vigilante Mob Arrests, Intimidation, Human Rights Violations, and Police brutality.

On Dec 10th, 2021 a female member of the opposition party Ms. Diana Finda Konomanyi, a former minister and currently the Regional chairperson of the eastern region for the All People’s Congress party in solidarity with a press release issued by the APC party not to participate in the unconstitutional and unprecedented mid-term census which has received resounding condemnation locally and internationally by the European Union and World Bank. President Bio had her invited to the Police headquarters and the followers that accompanied her including a leading opposition figure, Ms. Femi Claudius Cole was immediately detained and she spent a night in jail and they’ve now been charged to court for disagreeing with the government on implementing an unconstitutional mid-term census.

I must note that the supporters of these two women are still detained and they’ve been denied bail, this is the tactic they’ve employed since 2018 to eliminate voices and actions of dissent across the country, that’s why the Human Rights report of 2020 issued by the States Department made it clear that prisons in Sierra Leone are overcrowded. This is a pattern of continuous intimidation to keep opposition members silent. Sierra Leone is a BACKSLIDING DEMOCRACY and is on life support at this moment. Sierra Leoneans have been through a lot. The level of abject poverty is unimaginable, due to the massive increase in corruption within this administration of President Bio, it’s beyond comprehension, the lack of the basics to life such as clean water, access to quality education, 1000 students from Limkokwing University (SL) was sent home for 2 yrs. because the government of President Bio failed to pay their tuition citing the Previous administration of President Koroma signed a bad deal. Which was a “bolonie” of an excuse. (Photos: Consortium of Progressive Political Parties COPPP leaders are facing daily harassment and arrests and detention for exercising their civil liberties. And Mrs Claudius Femi-Cole, Chairperson of COPPP and leader of the Unity Party, right, during her recent detention in Freetown).

The people are ridden with Poor Health Care i.e. maternal mobility and mortality rate is amongst the worse in the world, and the infant mortality rate is significantly high. 75% of young people are unemployed, which in itself is a recipe for disaster. However, President Bio went ahead and concocted a sham tribunal to investigate the Auditor General (Ms. Lara Taylor-Pearce) just a month before she was set to release the 2020 Audit report. Deforestation is on the rise only in the northern part of the country, the stronghold of the opposition, whilst President Bio is preserving parts of the southeast like the Gola Forest. President Bio has made HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars from the EXCLUSIVITY he enjoys with exporting TIMBER to china etc. YES, he has sole rights to the exportation of Timber in Sierra Leone. Therefore, when he tweets about climate change it should be taken with a pinch of salt, it’s the pot calling the kettle black.

He recently sold Black Johnson beach to the Chinese for $55 million dollars, alongside, Alie Kabba. For a Chinese-funded fishing port. This is a human and ecological disaster. Ambassador David Reimer has visited that community and it’s such a beauty with the precious and gorgeous landscape that nature provided. The community people and activists have pleaded with this President to ABORT the proposed sale and it has fallen on deaf ears. He recently LEASED all of our TERMINALS to the Turkish government for 25 yrs. i.e. KISSY, GOVERNMENT WHARF, AND TAGRIN respectively. And this only came to light after an investigative journalist the Africanist Press disclosed this heinous deal that lacked Parliamentary approval. The Parliament was circumvented and the President unilaterally made this decision when he visited Turkeys President during the IDEF 2021 Arms and Weapons Expo in August this year. Details in November 28th, 2021 publications of the

President Joe Biden, please SAVE Sierra Leone’s Democracy, for the sake of the destitute and vulnerable Sierra Leoneans. We are calling for a more PROACTIVE posture and approach, rather than being REACTIVE only after the FACT as made clear by the leader of the opposition party (All People’s Congress Party A.P.C), Hon. Chernor Bah in a recent session at the ECOWAS parliament in Nigeria. President Biden, I am also kindly asking that all Sierra Leoneans serving in President Bio’s regime that holds American citizenships are stripped of their citizenships, after PROSECUTIONS and the due process of the law. The reasoning behind this request is to STOP Diasporans from depleting the resources of Sierra Leone only to bring their LOOT to the U.S or engage in undemocratic activities that they would not otherwise engage in the U.S. They continue to act with impunity because they have a place to bring their loot and hide after they’ve committed these crimes against humanity in Sierra Leone. I will be happy to provide details of all these individuals with dual citizenship upon your request. (Photo: Author Mr Ibrahim Fornah).

President Biden, I could go on and on. However, you are a very busy man and I am not even sure you’ll read my letter on behalf of the wonderful people of Sierra Leone. If you do I am kindly asking for an invite to the White House to defend my stance. Or send as a special enjoy to Sierra Leone to oversee the Human Rights activities in the country through the Embassy. Mrs. Biden has visited Sierra Leone and I am sure she enjoyed the kind-heartedness and gentle hospitality the people of Sierra Leone showed her. God bless America and Democracies worldwide.

Yours Sincerely

Ibrahim, USAF, MSgt.

CC:      M.C.C Acting CEO Mahmoud Bah

             M.C.C Susan M. McCue Board Member

             M.C.C Samantha Power (Administrator of USAID)

             Sec. Antony Blinken

             Amb. David Reimer (Sierra Leone)

             President of I.C.C Piotr Hofmaski

             Office of First Lady Mrs. Jill Biden

             MCCU CEO Sierra Leone Ndeyi Fatu Sesay Koroma

             Office of President Julius Maada Bio

             Former President Ernest Bai Koroma

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