As Parliament passes 2020 Finance Act, President Bio can now spend government money on travels as he wants


Parliament has passed into law the 2020 Finance Act that provides for non-accountable imprest for daily international travels for the President and Vice President of Sierra Leone and the Speaker of Parliament after members of Parliament voted in support of his inclusion.

This means whatever amount provided for the President and his Vice for international travels cannot be accounted for and they are under no obligation to return any remaining amount from their expenditures.

Save for Honourable Tawa Conteh who openly challenged it, majority of the House voted in favour of the new provision in the Act.

Thomas Moore Conteh

Bio has traveled more than 60 times. Now imagine Bio asking for $5 millions for each trip without giving account. We got what we wished 4
Naasu Fofanah
Unaccountable Impress

President Bio promised to stop leakages, but Parliament just endorsed “fiti-fata” leakages for the President by enacting this law. The gron only dry for the citizens, but na rain season for the President. Where are our opposition MPs?

Kudos, Hon. Tawa of the SLPP for standing up against this gross misuse of Public Funds. This is very disturbing!!

Adams Bangura
The budget that kept JJ Saffa in his job. Yes, OUR APC MPs voted 100% in favor including KKY and others. What a nation, what a people. Fixed that place and all will be well. I look forward to the day we begin to have genuine debates on the opportunities of introducing a “ Parliamentary recall Clause” in our constitution. quite frankly, we need to recall some of these good for nothing lawmakers” whose only interest is self. What’s the essence of having checks and balances in a democratic nation, if the President cannot be made to account for his own expenses? and also, what if we eventually elect an ALIE BABA as a president, and he then appoints the 40 thieves as his ministers? Welcome to the New Direction. Somehow we are consistently being told ‘Trust the Process’. The question is, for How long?
Emmanuel King We the people must stand up and challenge this nonsense…
But we are a bunch of cowards, gullibles and hypocrites..
James Morilson Kamara This nah the reason why SLPP used the judiciary unconstitutionally removed 10 opposition members of parliament of the APC so it would be easy for them to pass these criminal laws.

As it is, no matter the resistance of the APC MPs to any bill it is a fruitless endeavor

Hadric Kanu Dricovich That’s their primary reason , it’s a shame to democracy , people’s MP’S were stolen …and replaced by idiots

Bobson Bob Lamin

42 mins

Awel… Finally tif don legalize

  • Barrie Kallay Mohamed This is sad honesty, what about if they Impress the whole country budget….. Every one should be accountable towards individuals and institutions… There comes the checks and balances ….
  • Nelly B Bundu Trust the process talk and drink
  • Bangura Thaimu M Sierra Leone is something else
  • Med Jay Mata Aaaaaaaaa Salone
  • Sununu Bailor Barry For reallllllll?😳
  • Edward Kargbo These guys are all thieves
  • Foday Kamara I always say this, as a country we are not yet serious in all facets.
    Mamu Al Conteh


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