As they talk of suing the Africanist Press…When will SLPP ever learn ?

As they talk of suing the AFRICANIST PRESS……..



I laughed when I saw the headline in the SLPP puppet newspaper, AYV NEWS that the Paopa Government in Sierra Leone is planning to institute legal actions in the U.S against the AFRICANIST PRESS for its bombshell exposures of SLPP’s shameful, ruthless corruption and merciless thieving, racketeering and siphoning of the money in the Consolidated Fund in the government.

One thing that is now clear is that there must be a lot of truths in the AFRICANIST PRESS revelations. For the devil-may-care and reckless SLPP to describe the AFRICANIST PRESS bombshells as libelous, damaging and defamatory shows that what the paper is writing is true I thought this was a shameless government that did not care what the people said about their profligate handling of our national funds ? Did they not brag that they had all the educated elite who could turn black to white ? If so, why choose to silence the AFRICANIST PRESS ? Why not use your brains to refute the allegations ? Do they think they can stop a press in America from exposing how their thieving president, his wife Chief Minister and other SLPP officials have turned the Consolidated Fund into their personal checking accounts ?

That the PAOPA psychopaths think they can bring their totalitarian and repressive tactics to America—-The Land of unrestrained political activism and media freedom—shows how shamelessly moronic, uncivilized, unlearned and backward they are. They must think that the exclusive world of human rights abuses, tribalism and merciless thieving they have created in Sierra Leone could be exported to countries like America.

Some of these thieves lived in the U.S. before Britain perpetrated the most unforgivable depravity on Sierra Leone by imposing on us the worst, the most inept, the most corrupt and the most tribalistic government we have had since Independence in 1961 Do they want to tell us that they never heard of the various scandals involving U.S. presidents and the. U.S government that were exposed by the media, the Ted Kennedy Chappaquiddick scandal, Watergate, the Iran-Contra Affair, the Gary Hart the Bill Clinton/ Monica Lewinsky and Bill Cosby sex scandals, just to name a few ?

These were presidents, former top officials of government and powerful and wealthy public figures . Yet they could not use the judiciary system to silence the media and their accusers . What gives these SLPP morons the belief that a judge in the U.S. will interfere with the exercise of press freedom and stop the AFRICAN PRESS ?

The SLPPGovernment is looking for more shame and world-wide fame for the AFRICANIST PRESS and wider circulation of their bombshells throughout the world.

The American legal system is not cursed like Sierra Leone’s where the hopeless jand illiterate judges and magistrates are controlled by the pockets of nation-wreckers and racketeers When you have a fake lawyer like Adrian Fisher, catapulted illegally by shameless President Maada Bio to the height of a judge, you know the kind of judiciary in Sierra Leone but in America, things are wholly different.

In America, the media is free. The exercise of First Ammendment Rights of free speech is sacrosanct. Nobody has the power to impede press freedom in this country. There are also many legal defenses that cover the media, like PUBLIC INTEREST and TRUTH BY JUSTIFICATION. What the AFRICANIST PRESS is exposing in Sierra Leone is of immense public interest and secondly, the paper had been providing documentary evidence of their bombshells so their revelations are legally covered by the doctrine of TRUTH BY JUSTIFICATION. Don’t the Paopas have educated people within to teach them all these things ?

Only political psychopaths, sociopaths and deviants can be in AFRICA and nourish hopes of silencing the media in America.

I also see a golden opportunity being provided Sierra Leoneans at home and in the diaspora to massively mobilize their resources and moral clout behind the AFRICANIST PRESS. Now, the Bio government is about to test the pulse of the people of Sierra Leone and see how unpopular their government has become. As was seen in 1981, in the case of the TABLET newspaper, whenever an unpopular government raises its heel against a radical newspaper, it stirs up the people to mass support behind that media.

I see more shame in the horizon for the SLPP .

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