I am so overwhelmed once again, I do not know where to start, but will keep it straight and brief since we are all very busy people on the forums.

I want to thank you all for your birthday greetings and wishes to me yesterday on the celebration of my natal day. I was frankly overwhelmed and I want to thank you all for making me feel good, important and loved on such an auspicious day in my life.

I am very thankful indeed for your inspiring words and photo montage. I also want to thank all those who inboxed and called me to wish me a happy birthday. It is not possible to name you all and thank you individually but I want you to know that your gestures were very highly appreciated.

May God continue to bless and keep all of us. May God bless us all with good health and long life. May peace and joy always prevail in our nation.


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Tiah Knox
Tiah Knox Happy birthday sir, I wish more and more joyful experiences. May our loving God continues to bless you endlessly.


Ismael Koroma
Ismael Koroma Happy birthday my dear elder comrade Rev. Wilfred Leeroy Kabs-kanu. May you continue to celebrate and enjoy the blessings of the Almighty God in good health and many more birthdays. You’re such a wonderful elder brother and comrade. Enjoy your day. Happy, happy birthday


Jay Jay Positive
Jay Jay Positive Happy birthday Rev. Leh God continue for protect you.


Kamara Aldion
Kamara Aldion Happy birthday kabs wish u all the best in life .


Med Conteh
Med Conteh Happy new year Kothor Kabs


Kanu John
Kanu John Happy birthday to you and God bless


Fuambai Sia Ahmadu
Fuambai Sia Ahmadu Amen!!! HBD from ur favorite critic:-)! God bless…


Hawanatu Konneh
Hawanatu Konneh Happy birthday sir may God bless you and protect..Have a blast and enjoy yourself….


Yemi Paul
Yemi Paul Hbd big bro Kabs Kanu…. Wishing you well body, long life n prosperity…


Alhusine Deen-Sie
Alhusine Deen-Sie Happy Birthday


Nicholas Godwin
Nicholas Godwin Happy birthday Rev.


Hawa Kargbo
Hawa Kargbo Happy birthday sir


Vandi Kallon
Vandi Kallon Happy birthday Bra!


Stevo Koroms
Hawa Taylor-Kamara Diallo
Hawa Taylor-Kamara Diallo Happy birthday ????


Samuel N. Johnson
Samuel N. Johnson Congratulations ? And Happy Birthday ? Pastor / Comrade /Friend / Brother Wilfred Kabs-kanu.
May God Continue To Bless And Keep You Safe And Well Always.


Idrissa Conteh
Idrissa Conteh Happy birthday to you, Wilfred Leeroy Kabs-kanu and best wishes.


Milton Kamara
Milton Kamara Happy Birthday Sir


Fatima Hassanatu Mansaray
Fatima Hassanatu Mansaray happy birthday sir wish u all the good things you need in life.


Kingsley Lington Ighobor
Kingsley Lington Ighobor Happy birthday, Wilfred


Isatu Timbo Nwokedi

Isatu Timbo Nwokedi Happy birthday to a wonderful brother, may the good Lord continue to render you good health and prosperity !! I love you so very much!! Enjoy your day

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Abdul Karim Kamara
Ngardie J Kargbo
Meina Blake- JJ Thomas
Meina Blake- JJ Thomas Happy birthday ?????


Ebun Strasser-King
Rachael Mimi Abi Kuyembeh
Rachael Mimi Abi Kuyembeh Happy Birthday ?. Wishing You Abundant Blessings And May You Celebrate Many More Birthdays ? IJN


Gibrilla Koroma
Aiah P Thomas
Aiah P Thomas Happy birthday chief and God bless


Faith Mamawa Richards
Faith Mamawa Richards Happy birthday, I wish u all d best in life


Ehila Noah
Amidu Banja Kamara
Amidu Banja Kamara HBD Rev and best wishes for today and in the future


Aiah Fanday
Aiah Fanday Happy Birthday Kabs!!! Yes indeed you look one year younger. Enjoy your special day.


Omrie Golley
Omrie Golley Very happy birthday dear Rev and Comrade. God bless.


Alusine Jalloh
Alusine Jalloh Happy Birthday!


Hawa Kamara
Hawa Kamara Happy birthday dear, best wishes.


Alusine Epouse-kamara
Monica Anderson
Monica Anderson Happy birthday dear


Ibrahim M.sesay
Ibrahim M.sesay Happy birthday to you sir may you live long enough with health to witness your grandchild weeding


Cornelius Mereweather-Thompson


Floyd Wright
Floyd Wright Happy birthday Gentleman, best wishes.


Samantha Mansaray
Maria Smith
Maria Smith happy birthday to u sir


Alice Sesay
Alice Sesay Happy birthday


Colin Pitt
Colin Pitt Happy birthday to you. Wish you many more in good health


Mustapha H Koroma
Mustapha H Koroma HBD senior comrade, may the Almighty continue to bless, guide and protect.


Daniel Nbompa Turay
Daniel Nbompa Turay Happy birthday Rev.


Wendy Kieffer
Wendy Kieffer Happy Birthday Rev. Kanu


Salma Arthurlima Baker
Salma Arthurlima Baker Happy birthday sir


Menisa Sesay
Menisa Sesay Happy birthday Uncle. Best wishes


Joseph Osman Mansaray
Joseph Osman Mansaray Happy birthday dear.


Yembeh M Mansaray
Yembeh M Mansaray Happy birthday Mr. Kanu. Wishing you many more years to come with good health and Gods blessings. Enjoy your day.


Memunatu Adeline Jeniviv Sheriff
Memunatu Adeline Jeniviv Sheriff Happy Birthday Sir, wishing you your heart desires.


Emmanuel Olu-Williams
Emmanuel Olu-Williams Happy birthday Rev and may God continue to bless you sir


Arthur Victor Alexandia Pratt
Jane Samu
Jane Samu Rev. Happy birthday!


Santigie Bai Kanu
Santigie Bai Kanu Happy birthday Sir


Ponsford Nimneh
Ponsford Nimneh Congratulations chief


Frank Cole
Taqi Jr Francis Med
Taqi Jr Francis Med Happy birthday uncle Wilfred Leeroy Kabs-kanu.Wishing you all the best.


Albert Momoh
Albert Momoh Happy birthday Sir


Yeabu Turay
Yeabu Turay Happy birthday Sir.


Alex Bangs
Alex Bangs Happy birthday Mr. Kabs-Kanu.


Emmanuel Pewa
Emmanuel Pewa Senior brother, congratulations for this special day. No doubt, you are younger, and lying in swaddling clothes. Enjoy your day.


Johnathan P Decker
Johnathan P Decker Happy birthday Reverend. May God continue to bles, prosper and favor you.


James Kargbo
James Kargbo Happy birthday to my dear brother,God will surely bless you through out your life time and may the prayers in psalm 121 be upon you amen


Moiwo Kanu
Moiwo Kanu Happy Birthday my wonderful brother. May God bless you and guide you in all your undertakings. May you live long.


Abdul Sesay Sr.
Abdul Sesay Sr. Happy birthday to the great one Hon.Rev.Kanu.
May the Lord continue to add more bounties in your life.


Neneh Bah
Neneh Bah Happy birthday Rev Kanu wishing you good health and may God continue to bless you. Many more years to come enjoy your day. God richly bless you.


Sylvester Ladi Campbell
Sylvester Ladi Campbell Happy Birthday brother Kabs- Kanu
enjoy this special day.


Marie Turay
Marie Turay Happy Birthday Sir. Wish you all the Best life can offer. Enjoy this special day.


Jeneba John
Jeneba John Happy birthday Rev. Kanu , I wish u many more years to come in health and strength, , enjoy ur day


Anthony M. Bangura
Anthony M. Bangura Happy birthday Rev.


Yabu Bangura
Yabu Bangura Happy birthday and God bless!??


Tilly Koroma
Tilly Koroma Happy happy birthday


Zainab King

Zainab King · 10 mutual friends

Happy birthday sir


Abdulai Kolleh Dumbuya
Abdulai Kolleh Dumbuya Happy birthday to my boyhood friend, Rev Leeroy Kabs-kanu, a man with a wealth of experience and a vigorous intellect. We grew together from Peter Lane to Pratt Lane within commuting distance.
Philosophically, your identity is the same as well as yourSee More


Kwame Yankson
Kwame Yankson Happy birthday to my senior brother and colleague from the same school and in the same profession. May you live long in Jesus name


Ataya A Bangura Bangura
Fantah Savage
Fantah Savage Happy birthday Sir!


Keikura Lahai
Keikura Lahai Happy Birthday man of God. May you live long to celebrate many more years.


Foday M Kamara
Foday M Kamara Happy birthday Rev Kanu


Princess Hamilton
Princess Hamilton Happy blessed brithday Rev Kanu


Kenneth Osho
Kenneth Osho Happy Birthday Kabs. Wishes of good health, long life and prosperity.


Sorie Acha Kamara
Sorie Acha Kamara Happy birthday sir.


Clarice Julliet Browne
Clarice Julliet Browne Happy Blessed Birthday Sir


Lyndon Baines Johnson
Lyndon Baines Johnson Grow in grace my senior.


Tity Kalawa Conteh
Tity Kalawa Conteh Happy birthday sir wish you many more years in good health enjoy your special day God bless you ????


Audrey Kamara
Audrey Kamara Happy birthday


Lamin Songo Kamara
Lamin Songo Kamara happy birthday uncle


Yainkain Mansaray
Yainkain Mansaray Happy birthday Reverend Kanu!!


Cyril Mahoney
Cyril Mahoney Congratulations on your birthday Kabs.


Sebleh Smith
Sebleh Smith Happy birthday. May God almighty continue to bless you and your family and let success crown all your endeavors. Stay blessed.


Rosalind Jorfui Lahai
Atto Mensah
Atto Mensah Happy birthday young Wilfred Kanu. Long life and good health. Have fun.


Khadijatu Jalloh
Khadijatu Jalloh Happy birthday Rev kanu


Isaac Osman Kargbo
Fasia Sally Ngobeh
Fasia Sally Ngobeh Happy blessed birthday Rev kanu


Tigi Kanu
Tigi Kanu Congratulations and Happy Blessed Birthday to the Love of my Life Rev Leeroy Kabs-Kanu. Wishing you many, many more blessed Birthdays. Psalm 84:11..For the Lord God is a sun and shield: the Lord will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withholSee More


Alimatu Jalloh
Alimatu Jalloh It’s better late than never hbd to u Kabs n wishing you God’s best


Patrick Jackson
Cornelius Hamelberg

Cornelius Hamelberg May the Almighty bless you on this Many Happy Returns of the Day


Barbara Lardner Badio
Barbara Lardner Badio Happy Birthday Kabs! God bless you today and always .


Bensona Strasser-Williams
Bensona Strasser-Williams HBD sir n many more blessed birthdays to come


Fatmata Thoronka
Fatmata Thoronka Happy birthday Mr kanu


Francis John Kanu
Francis John Kanu Happy birthday my brother. May you live to enjoy more birthdays with sound health and long life that make you see many grand children.


Santigi Kargbo
Santigi Kargbo Happy Birthday


Joseph Tiafoe
Joseph Tiafoe Happy birthday and best wishes.


Musu Panguma
Musu Panguma Happy birthday to you Mr kanu


Henry Abioseh Samuels
Henry Abioseh Samuels Happy birthday Rev


Theresa Lamboi
Theresa Lamboi Happy birthday to my high school teacher and may God continue to bless you and may you live long to celebrate many more years.


Ahmed Seppeh
Ahmed Seppeh Happy b day


Vickie Owodunni

Vickie Owodunni Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns. Hope you had a lot of fun. God bless you.

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Samuel Sanu
Samuel Sanu Happy birthday Mr.Kanu may you live longer.God bless you.


Alieu Malador
Pavi Jalloh
Pavi Jalloh Happy Birthday, Ambassador


Kipiani Tap Beddor Bangura
Kipiani Tap Beddor Bangura Happy birthday Mr. Kabbs-Kanu.


Abby Thomas
Abby Thomas Happy happy birthday


Mohamed Bangura
Mohamed Bangura Happy Birthday my Good Sir


Arnold Sharara

Arnold Sharara · 18 mutual friends

Happy birthday Mr kanu


Mballu Sie Bangura
Mballu Sie Bangura Happy Birthday to you Rev


Rosetta Latilewa Bickersteth
Rosetta Latilewa Bickersteth Happy birthday blessings


Lihadi Alhadi
Lihadi Alhadi Happy birthday my brother.


Abibatu Ismael Koroma
Abibatu Ismael Koroma Happy birthday sir, best wishes.


Pamela Koroma
Pamela Koroma Happy belated birthday my dearest daddy


Kangbei Tee

Kangbei Tee · 31 mutual friends

Happy birthday Kabs. Enjoy it, it’s your big day


George G. Ngobeh
George G. Ngobeh Happy Belated Birthday Rev Wilfred Leeroy Kabs-kanu.Best wishes


Lola Aforo
Lola Aforo hbd and God bless


Wilfred Leeroy Kabs-kanu

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