Ernest Koroma must not listen to Pa Kabbah

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It was Kabbah’s preference for kamajors over soldiers that escalated the war, leading to the unwelcomed AFRC coup.

Even an illiterate Tamba Gborie did not fail to notice that , as indeed in his nonsensical maiden announcement, Gborie in his baritone krio voice moaned the fact that the kamajors are been groomed because Kabbah wanted to disband the army “by service” (Krio parlance).

Most recently,  at a so- called consultative conference, it was again Kabbah’s idea that the leading presidential contestants should avoid using ex-combatants in their campaign trails. But wait a minute. What is really wrong with ex-combatants integrating with society? By these comments is the President not sending the wrong signal to the international community that the efforts and millions pumped into the Disarmament Demobilisation and Re-integration (DDR) programme were in the vain. Or is he plainly suggesting that no matter what is done, nothing good would ever come from his compatriots?Are Berewa’s chief security advisers (Maada Bio and Nyuma) not ex-combatants? So where does this double standard president draws the line?

Indeed, the contempt Kabbah’s club have for these category of our compatriots is well documented. James Jonah once called them ‘hoodlums’, ‘rag tags’etc. But we thought that was in the past, and we should be looking into the future. To discriminate against these ex-combatants is simply put pushing them into further frustrations.

Ernest Koroma has got to be wise. Politics is a number game.Don’t alienate anyone person, groups or tribe, like the Berewa camp is doing. Garner the votes you can, and where Kabbah failed to reform his compatriots, you show the difference. Just do it when you’ve got their mandate.

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