Freetown to return to pitch darkness, as Karpowership to turn off lights for nonpayment by SLPP government

Freetown is in serious danger of reverting to the bad, old days of perpetual darkness in the city.

The Turkish Karpowership that provides electricity to the city from sea is about to turn off the lights because reports say the SLPP Government of President Maada Bio is unable to pay the ship for services.

According to reports filtering in from credible sources, the SLPP Government now owes the Turkish electricity power ship over U.S. $ 40 million , which it has not been able to pay.

SLPP Government officials keep assuring the public that modalities are in place to settle the bills and avert adverse action from the Karpowership. But news of the delinquency of the government to fulfill its financial commitment continue to predominate.

If the ship switches off the lights and darkness engulfs the city, it will be a major blow to the already tottering Sierra Leone economy, which is on life support under the tenure of President Maada Bio.


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