Is Umaru Fofana trying to drive a wedge between the APC Government and its financial partners ?


The commitment expressed by the Sierra Leone Government towards the Mamamah International Airport project has nothing to do with the government damning her financial partners, the International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) and the World Bank.

During a high-level bilateral meeting at the margins of the last UN General Assembly between Sierra Leone’s President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma and the Chinese Head of State, Mr. Xi Jinping ( Which COCORIOKO  reported in full details), it was the Chinese leader who assured Sierra Leone that his country would do everything possible to ensure that the international airport is constructed. It was within the spirit of this commitment by the Chinese President that President Koroma said in Freetown last week when China sent a delegation to Freetown to discuss the way forward that  he is still committed to the project.



In other words, President Koroma was saying that if China was still committed to its promise to help us construct the international airport, he was still interested. Afterall, the project would bring immense socio-economic benefits to the country and President Koroma wants to see his country flourish. The President’s statement was in no way meant to disparage the IMF and the World Bank.

However, when you have men of ill-will like BBC  reporter, Umaru Fofana, who wants to damage the good relations between the President and the country’s financial and development partners, even such an innocent statement by President Koroma should be occasion for Fofana to batter and twist it out of context and make it seem like President Koroma was thumbing his nose at the IMF and the World Bank.

President Koroma is the sovereign and constitutionally-elected Head of State of Sierra Leone. He was elected to bring good things to the country. The President knows what is good for Sierra Leone. He does not therefore have to damn financial partners to state his commitment to any good thing that a goodwill nation wants to help him bring to the country.

The banner headline in the POLITICO  newspaper, owned and operated by Umaru Fofana, is another typical example of Umaru’s bad motives  in his brand of Journalism  . He is so determined to have this APC Government fall, so that his political party, the SLPP  will come to power,  that he wants to drive a wedge between the government and her financial and development partners, so that if they are lily-livered and petty-minded like Fofana they will withhold all financial commitments to our government to strangulate the country economically. What a shame . What would make a man hate his country with such a passion and perpetually seek its downfall and not its good ?

We at COCORIOKO  blame the Western media .

We blame the western media because it is their wont to always hire negative-minded , divisive and destructive individuals who would help them perpetrate their negative and stereotypical ideas and perceptions  about striving third world countries, especially in Africa. Umaru Fofana is doing what the western media loves to see–False, damaging and negative reports about African nations.

In the light of this seditious journalism going on in the country, we think it is high time the APC Government gingered up and stopped treating seditious journalists with kid gloves. Journalists must start being brought to account in the courts of law for the false, misleading and seditious articles they write or send to the international media to injure the reputation and good name of the government.

Enough is too much for a feast.



Mohammed King Misbahu Jr.
Mohammed King Misbahu Jr. God bless president koromah

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Abdul Rashid Munu
Abdul Rashid Munu Jarrah it’s really unfortunate.I really don’t think we should be expecting good things from Politico Newspaper,considering the fact that it is owned by Umaru Fofana.

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Kandeh Suaray
Kandeh Suaray True true my bro. Umaro Fofana is a name in a China house. He has already damaged his professional brand and that notwithstanding he is hell bent on destroying the country’s image as long as his political preferences are not met. He has even gone further to turn the truth and reconciliation recommendations to his play book. He will always quote specific areas that lay emphasis on the breakdown of law and order that eventually led to the war. I think he enjoys invoking war threats that led his political party to power. He view that as the only plausible way for him to realize his political ambition. I think he made more money as a stringer then and always want a repeat of that war. If Umaro Fofana has his ways this government will not operate as a government. Please stop measuring Umaro ‘ s name in the same sentence with professional journalism. Umaro does not even have a clue why Africa is poor. Organizations like the world Bank will be out of work if Africa is economically independent. When have their advices pulled Africa out of poverty. In fact they have made Africa the soul operation of their organization. Umaro Fofana and SLPP are one and the same person or entity. He is desperate now that elections are drawing near. There is an increase in his antics. When have you ever heard Umaro report any thing that makes his political party look bad. A young man died during SLPP intra party activities in Kenema he refused to let the world know about it and when he was question about it he called those who question him as Dr. Nahim’s patients. His defense was that he does not have to report about every cock that crows. He called political party fight that degenerated to another killing “cock crow”. I bet you if it were APC he will be so happy to put his antics to work. I will give you an example of this guy’s funny moves. There was a political Rally in Freetown for one Francis Kowa running for parliament and some one saw a truck that looks like a military style truck this person or people gave this news to Umaro who was in the hospital sick he immediately took it and ran away with it. But when another killing occurred he said it is just a “cock crow”. God bless our country.

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Abdul Rashid Munu
Abdul Rashid Munu Well said,Kandeh.

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Wilfred Leeroy Kabs-kanu

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Francis Nabieu
Francis Nabieu Politico news paper did not report on the paopa killing in Kenema , there for it is bias and it is now clear that POLITICO is ………….

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Francis Nabieu
Francis Nabieu A media organisation will be judged on the accuracy and reliability of its journalism, which must be well-sourced, supported by strong evidence, examined and tested, clear and unambiguous. Verified facts must form the basis of all news, not rumour and speculation.

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Francis Nabieu
Francis Nabieu We believed that this erroneous publication is misleading and Politico must ensure that their practice falls within the ethical considerations of the profession.

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