Sierra Leone sitting on time bomb as President Bio continues meddling in APC ‘s Internal Affairs to wreck party’s chances of winning 2023 elections

Sierra Leone is on Time Bomb Due to President Bio’s Interference in APC Party’s Internal Affairs

By Abu Shaw  (08/01/2023) 

The Sierra Leone President is deliberately paving the way for another bloody civil war in the country because of persistent political interference.

President Julius Maada Bio is craftily but stupidly pulling the strings behind the scenes to dismantle the main opposition APC party and the covert continuity of the ruling SLPP government to derail the APC party has become so obvious that everyone has seen the Bio presidency’s cruel intentions to undermine the APC party and thus democracy. Now, the internal and external agents of President Bio have turned their attention to the APC Lower Level elections. This dirty politics by the SLPP regime is clearly infuriating the APC Grassroots supporters who are fuming with rage that President Bio is not allowing democratic politics to go ahead by sabotaging the progress of the APC party since April 4, 2018 when they came to power. Consequentially, the APC Grassroots are warning the Bio presidency to stop encouraging APC Trojan Horses, like the Small 6, now renamed Small 10, as well as ceasing sponsoring the C4C party supporters led by Alhaji Abubakar Samuel Sam-Sumana. If President Bio does not stop, the tendency for another bloody civil that far surpasses the 90s would occur. (Photo: President Bio is misusing the PPRC Chairman Abdulai Massiangbay Bangurah, left, to destroy the APC party).


“We will not allow anymore nonsense from the APC moles who are being sponsored by the Bio presidency to disrupt the smooth running of the APC party. We will chase anyone who decides to destroy our beloved party,” APC Grassroots supporters have vowed. It has reached a point where supporters of APC Trojan Horses like Dr Kaifala Marrah are attacking APC officials simply because they feel these officials do not support their candidate. The case of APC member of parliament Lahai Marrah comes to mind. He was attacked recently and his vehicle looted and burnt down by supporters of Dr Kaifala Marrah, who is one of the Small 6 traitors sponsored by President Bio. Alhaji Sam-Sumana of the C4C party is also instigating his C4C thugs on a daily basis to disrupt the ongoing lower-level elections around the country, especially in Kono District in eastern Sierra Leone. The wicked politician Sam-Sumana is doing this because he is angry that the APC party is yet to approve his membership into the APC party. If President Bio does not stop, the tendency for another bloody civil war that far surpasses the 90s would occur.

It means that Sam-Sumana is still a bona-fide member of the C4C party. Why then is the SLPP government of President Bio sitting supinely and allowing Sam-Sumana to interfere into the internal affairs of the APC party without taking action against him? Currently, Sam-Sumana’s action is leading to violence and at times disrupting the smooth electioneering process of the main opposition APC party. Yet, the SLPP police and other security authorities are paying deaf ears to the detriment of the progress of the APC and thus threatening the fabric of democracy. The failed Bio presidency and the body responsible for political parties the Political Parties Registration Commission PPRC chaired by Abdulai Massiangbay Bangurah (SLPP stooge) and the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone ECSL chaired by Mohamed Kenewui Konneh (SLPP puppet) are sitting idly by and allowing the destroyer Sam-Sumana and his C4C bandits to cause riotous conducts against the APC party as they carry on their lower level elections around the country. If President Bio does not stop, the tendency for another bloody civil war that far surpasses the 90s would occur. (Photos: SLPP Judge Adrian Fisher and C4C leader Sam-Sumana, right, misused by President Bio to interfere in the APC party affairs).


Sam-Sumana has sent his Akuneh Kono thugs with fake APC party identification cards to scatter the ongoing APC elections. Sam-Sumana is officially not an APC party member, yet, he is leaving his own C4C party Akuneh group to disturb the APC. Sam-Sumana thugs are also spreading lies in Kono District especially to the old men and women by fabricating that he is an APC member and that he is the rightful flagbearer for the 2023 elections. And his Akuneh idiots are openly lying that Finda Diana Konomanyi, an APC party heavyweight in Kono District, is stopping Sam-Sumana from becoming the APC flag bearer. What a load of rubbish by the Akunehs! Thank goodness, Diana Konomanyi, also known as “Iron Lady”, and the APC Grassroots are standing tall to tell the Konos the whole truth that Sam-Sumana is not a member of the APC party. Luckily, more genuine APC members in Kono are spreading the truth about the evil plans hatched by Sam-Sumana’s Akunehs in connivance with President Bio to derail the APC progress. The APC Grassroots supporters have warned that propaganda will never work this around against their beloved APC. APC Grassroots are advising the Kono people to support Diana Konomanyi and should disown the Sam-Sumana camp including his Vuvuzelas David Tam Baryoh, Balogun Koroma etc. “Sam-Sumana is not APC, full stop. Do not allow the Akunehs to fool you,” says the APC Grassroots supporters. If President Bio does not stop, the tendency for another bloody civil war that far surpasses the 90s would occur.

“We are tired of being law-abiding and non-violent. That is why these traitorous APC politicians are taking advantage of to undermine our beloved party in order to satisfy their paymaster President Bio of the SLPP government. From now on, we are going to hunt down all of the APC Trajan Horses and punish them accordingly. The days of keeping quiet and being law-abiding is now over. We will deal with the Small Six idiots very seriously this time around. Enough is enough of this nonsense and backstabbing and traitorous behaviour,” an APC Grassroots leader in Freetown stressed. When pressed further about what the APC Grassroots meant by hunting and attacking and punishing the APC traitors, the anonymous Grassroots supporter said: “From now on, we will be violent against these guys who are helping President Bio to frustrate our APC party to move forward. We will chase them, track down their families wherever they reside, and beat them up. And if possible, we will kill them because these APC traitors are not only destroying our APC party, but they are the enemies of Sierra Leone considering the human rights abuses and socio-economic problems created by the corrupt SLPP regime of President Bio. We must eliminate these traitors within our midst.” If President Bio does not stop, the tendency for another bloody civil war that far surpasses the 90s would occur.  (Photos: APC traitor Alfred Peter Conteh, left, and Abdul Kargbo, APC Interim Secretary, a patriot).


Political observers say they are shocked to hear that the APC party Grassroots supporters, who have always obeyed the law and order in Sierra Leone despite the numerous provocations they have been subjected to by the SLPP government thugs, are now turning their backs on law and order in order to unleash violent attacks on the bad APC politicians, particularly the APC Small Six (previously known as APC Big Six). The ferocious plan to attack all APC traitors including the wicked Small Six, first time it has been launched by the determined APC Grassroots supporters. This has sent shock waves around Sierra Leone especially among the admirers of the Small Six traitors Kelfala Marrah, Petito, Palo Conteh etc. But the diehard APC Grassroots members and supporters are very delighted that they are now wearing their violent jackets to get rid of the APC Trojan Horses. The patience in the APC Grassroots has finally run out of steam as they prepare to hunt down all the APC traitors led by the unpatriotic Small Six. Sources have intimated that the APC Grassroots supporters are fed up with the dangerous backstabbing machinations of the Small Six in the aftermath of the wicked underhand games being played against the APC party they purport to love. If President Bio does not stop, the tendency for another bloody civil war that far surpasses the 90s would occur.


The Small Six include that idiots Dr Kelfala Marrah, Alimamy Petito Koroma, Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay, Alfred Palo Conteh, Dr Richard Konteh and others have destroyed the APC party since 2018. Revelations have confirmed that President Bio has trapped the Small Six in an unusual fashion to execute the evil plans of the ruling SLPP regime. The APC Lower Level elections is being thwarted by the ruling SLPP government through the PPRC. APC Grassroots are annoyed and warning the PPRC to stop derailing the APC. PPRC is refusing to give a date for the Constituency elections all geared towards frustrating the APC in order to aid and abet the the Bio presidency. Yesterday January 6 was the bitter anniversary of the infamous bloody pandemonium that torpedoed the peace and security in Sierra Leone. If President Bio does not stop, the tendency for another bloody civil war that far surpasses the 90s would occur.

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