MCC Compact Grant approval : It is all geopolitical shenanigans and Bio is the beneficiary now, but for how long ?


By Kabs Kanu

America has a child’s sibling jealousy mentality , despite all her claims to world power.

We saw it in Liberia and the then Zaire in the 1980s as the Cold War raged. While Samuel K. Doe and Mobutu Sese Sekou trashed their countries and killed their people, the U.S continued pouring billions of dollars into their hands to stop them from swinging East to the then USSR.

Bio has criminals in his governmemt who understand how to twist America’s tail and it is a shame. He also has international public relations firms that know how to get America off its tangents and Bio is spending millions of dollars keeping their shoulders to the wheels.

The Russian nuclear gas project that Bio showcased in May forced America to swallow its vomit and bring in the U.S. Agency for International Development Finance DFC gas project and fast track the MCC Compact .

America does not want Russia or China to outshine them anywhere because they want to remain the world’s only superpower .

Bio understands the dynamics in the international world and played his cards well. Watch if the talkertive U.S. Ambassador Bryan Hunt will say ” phin ” this time. It is all geopolitics and our people are the losers in the end game. The Ambassador was first to trumpet that there will be no rerun because his country wants to continue dealing with Bio and does not trust the China- leaning opposituon APC.

I am just sorry for the poor souls sacrificing their lives fighting for democracy , thinking that even America is a serious country. There will be no democracy in Sierra Leone. It is just about geopolitics and vested interests. Ask yourself : What progress had been attained in the so- called Agreement of National Unity to warrant the approval of the $480 million MCC Grant? The recommendations from the Tripartite Committee have not even been presented to President Bio and it is not even certain whether he will accept all, not to mention implement them . Yet America has hastily moved to judgement. The MCC was so eager to grant Bio the MCC it did not wait for any progress from the Tripartite Committee proceedings. Bio will yet show America his true colors.

America is not fighting for the Sierra Leonean people, get that straight. The DFC project and the MCC approval just proved it. America is fighting a geopolitical war for her honor , pride and self interests. Russia, China and BRICS are influencing American diplomacy and will do so for years coming.

It is left with the people of Sierra Leone to decide whether to reclaim their stolen democracy or blindly continue to follow America’s diplomacy of hypocrisy , double standards , double dealing, duplicity and self interests.

The people of Sierra Leone will not benefit from any of these initiatives America fast tracked this month . Bio will continue oppressing and killing our people , like Samuel Doe and Mobutu did while America controlled the show in their countries . Somebody who threatened his citizens bullets for bullets and stole their elections has suddenly become the blue- eyed boy of America. Why not ? He is a pawn on their chessboard of geoplitical power play .

I am sorry for our people. It is Samuel Doe and Mobutu Mark 2.

Bio might think he has shed innocent blood and stolen elections and prevailed over the people of Sierra Leone, but any wise man will advice him to beware of America and her geopolitical games and look back to how Doe and Mobutu ended, after America had used them.

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