By S. I. Kamara

I do not want to know what diplomatic language is used, he has been sacked. But let no one rejoice. Who sacked him? Of course, Kabba, as he appointed him, in the first place.



But didn’t Kabba cause Kanji Daramy to be arraigned before a commission of enquiry when he was head of Salpost? Kanji was found culpable and sacked by Kabba only for that very Kanji to be brought back as Presidential spokesman. I really do not know how to describe such a behaviour.

 This is showing to the public and the nation and indeed the world at large that Sierra Leone lacks enough man power to run its institutions. You see the same faces everywhere, being shuffled and those who refuse to tow the line are easily destroyed.

 Kabba just believes that with a UN background he is the most knowledgeable Sierra Leonean that has existed and he should know and realize that that is a big fallacy. People like Sidie Alghali have become praise singers for Kabba in order to fill their pockets and in the process they hardly realise the damage they have been doing to other people.

 This man called Sidie Alghali, was a member of the National Policy Advisory Council – NPAC that directly advised the President. Among their duties was to vet all cabinet papers before they got to the Cabinet as if all the ministers were idiots. This made Sidie cocky and arrogant as he made people believe that he could make or break anybody in the civil service. This shows once again the calibre of people Kabba surrounds himself with. But wait a minute! Didn’t this very Kabba face the Beoku Betts commission of enquiry in 1967 for the same things his cohorts are being ?sacked’ for today? Is he truthful to himself and the nation? Or is he fighting corruption by such actions? For the Kabbaists and the Akutay of the S.L.P.P. the answer will be yes, but I say that is b.s. Kabba also sacked J B Dauda but brought him back as adviser with full cabinet rank. You would want to ask where J B Dauda’s integrity is. I will say in his pocket. How can Kabba fight corruption when ministers like Momodu Koroma and Alpha Wurie have been enriching themselves to the ruin of the very people they purport to serve?

 Sidie Alghali had used his Muslim faith and the Fourah Bay connection to warm his way to Kabba. He is always seen in prayers with the president saying ?dowawus’ that run from Fourah Bay to the holy land of Mecca then turn around and convert the people’s money to his own use. He knows Kabba well. He is sure to sit again in the nights to ?wurrudu’ for Kabba to bring him back and you bet he will be back. Anti Corruption Commission for a person like Sidie Alghali, is a smoke screen which in the end will never yield anything. I just remind readers about the death of Harry Yansaneh and the role of the judicial system. Journalist no journalist all nar buff.  A lesson that journalists should always stand by and for the truth for it will always come back to bite them.

 Sidie Alghali is not the only one. There are many in the service that have done heinous things and are still going scott free for as long as they sing Kabba’s praises. But how can the nation of Sierra Leone rid itself of such people and such attitudes that have been so detrimental to our nation. The people are treated with irrelevance and impunity until it is time for elections then these very people come around with bags full of our sweat to fry us once more. The APC was in power for more than twenty years during which state power was personalized. The S.L.P.P. then came and has been in power for the passed ten years. The nation is even worse off than ever – city filth, unemployment , injustice, lack of clean drinking water, education despite all the fanfare, has not improved, corruption galore, bad roads etc etc etc. The S.L.P.P. using state money to run its offices. Let them deny it. Then they would want to talk about good governance.

 It is now evident that Sierra Leoneans have been entrapped between these two parties – S.L.P.P. and the APC and they have to get themselves loose. The only way left is to vote the S.L.P.P out of power by coming out in massive numbers to vote positively so that there will be no chance to rig the elections. The S.L.P.P. is sure to rig the forth coming general elections as there is no other way they can win the elections.

 Sidie Alghali should now realize that Sierra Leone as a nation has a way of punishing those of her children who abuse her – Siaka Stevens with all that ?beberebe’ power, S. I. Koroma, ?agba satani’ died with a beeb around his neck, C A Kamara-Taylor same, A B Kamara and others. But all of these examples have not been sufficient to cause a turnaround in the minds of our leaders. So Sidie, the chicken has come home to roost. Remember the project to sell or put on mortgage government houses so that civil servants would have something to work for rather steal government or the people’s money? You, in particular, killed that project and caused the suffering of so many civil servants. What have you gained in the end? This should be food for thought for you for the rest of your life. You are a Muslim always behave like one, fear God for you know not when you d

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