It is very unfair and misleading to describe Unisa Thorlu Conteh as anti-Samura Kamara or a Maada Bio recruit–Angry APC supporters hit back


Many partisans of the All People’s Congress ( APC)-USA and supporters of the party have sent comments,  articles and audios to COCORIOKO to bitterly protest against  an article written against one of their most vibrant, sacrificial  and eloquent members —Unisa Thorlu Conteh–by the popular UK-based newspaper, THE ORGANIZER.

In the article, titled , “Unisa Thorlu Conteh is a Liar: His Power Sharing Slush is a Fib; Bio’s New Recruit Thorlu Conteh is Anti-Tripartite and a Disgrace “, written by the newspaper’s publisher Abu Shaw , the Organizer described Unisa as an APC traitor and a  new President Maada Bio recruit , who,  along with  “hopeless and bad Sierra Leoneans” in the U.S. are entertaining “a failed leader like Maada Bio and his murderous SLPP caboodle to undermine the Tripartite.”

The APC-USA  members and party supporters described this characterization of Unisa Thorlu Conteh by the Organizer newspaper and the attacks from some APC  bloggers as very unfair, false, misleading and  malicious because Thorlu is one of the most loyal, faithful and committed supporters of the APC  world wide. They asserted that Thorlu loves the APC  with a passion and has only been blowing his mind on pertinent issues affecting the party, which is his right.

One of the prominent APC  members disturbed by the attacks on Thorlu , Abdul Sesay, popularly known as APC Doctor , in his audio , said that the Organizer newspaper and APC  bloggers, who had been attacking Thorlu for blowing his mind, were very unfair to Unisa Thorlu, because from time immemorial, Thorlu had remained one of the most loyal and selfless partisans of the APC,  who spends his own money to travel to Sierra Leone to help campaign for the APC  and even Dr. Samura Kamara, during successive General Elections . He said that Thorlu also  attends APC fund-raising events all over  the Continental USA, spending thousands of dollars from his own pockets for air fares, hotel bills , other expenses and on  the fund-raisers  themselves .

Thorlu himself sent COCORIOKO an audio he produced earlier in which  he poured lots of praise on  and support for Dr. Samura Kamara , whom he even described  as “blessed”  and he even lamented the fact that Samura Kamara was being undermined by his executive, as he felt . He warned Samura Kamara that President Maada Bio was spending a lot of money lobbying the U.S. and the international community and establishing alliances and he advised him to do the same ( Establish alliances ) so that he will be able to convince the U,S , the only partner not supportive of a rerun of the elections,  to consider this most-favoured option by the APC .

In the audio, he even acknowledged that Samura Kamara was still the APC  flagbearer and the winner of the 2023 elections. From the audio, Unisa could be heard explaining what he said he had been told  about plans, especially by the U.S ,   to push for a government of national unity and he gave his opinions on it. Those statements, according to APC  supporters, do not make him anti- Tripartite or Anti-Samura. Many APC pro- Samura Kamara supporters prefer a rerun or a handing over of power to Dr. Samura Kamara, based on the results on the table, and they are ready to vilify anybody who does not advocate the same.

In their comments and  articles to COCORIOKO,  some APC  supporters considered it an insult to Unisa Thorlu for him to be accused of working with Maada Bio and some of them asked his accusers to apologize to him for such misleading and defamatory allegation.  If anything, they averred, Thorlu is a thorn-in -the- flesh of Maada Bio who would be looking for ways to silence or harm him for his devotion to the APC.

When I called journalist Abu Shaw in the UK  to appraise  him that many APC-USA partisans and party supporters had come out in full support of Unisa and had debunked his allegations in audios and articles, Shaw said that it was their prerogative. He said he was upset because Unisa discussed the power-sharing arrangement as if it was already a  certainty and that Thorlu also disputed the fact that Samura Kamara polled 57% of the votes cast in the last elections , which to him is a correct information that will be announced soon by the Tripartite Committee. He accused many APC  members in the diaspora , especially in the U.S, of being anti- Tripartite and anti- Samura Kamara and being  moles for Maada Bio.

When I called Thorlu for his own side of the story, he told me that it was sinful and wicked for him to be accused of being against Samura Kamara ( Given the way he had vigorously supported him and campaigned for him and even used his own money to make Dr. Kamara succeed ) . It is even more satanic for him to be accused of working with Maada Bio to wreck the Tripartite Committee. He said that love for the APC  moved him to start making audios to express his opinions on burning matters within the party.

Thorlu asserted : “I do not want the APC  to fall into any mishap  or for us to remain in the opposition . The APC is the only party capable of redeeming Sierra Leone and as I pointed out in my recent video, Samura Kamara is capable of bringing salvation to our country. That is why I do not want us to do any wrong thing , so that we will  be able to reclaim power from the selfish, corrupt and dictatorial Maada Bio and his SLPP Government. I am 100% loyal to the APC. I was born in the APC and I am an APC Pikin. That is why I do not play with APC  business and wont to sit down and see the party being led astray. I will die for the APC . ”


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