Massive preparations underway for the Consecration and enthronement of Pastor Emmanuel B. Kuyateh as Bishop.

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 The Grace Christian fellowship Ministries family and its covenant partners are carrying out massive preparation for the conseretion of their pastor and general overseer, the Rev. Emmanuel B. Kuyateh Sr, his preferment as Bishop was made recently through the executive council of the Grace Christian Fellowship family, together with the council of Bishops of the state of New Jersey.


 His consecration is expected to bring together an array of Bishops, top government officials and senior religious leaders among others.

It is interesting to note that the Bishop Elect is the fourth of twenty one children from a Muslim dominated family from Sierra Lone, West Africa. As one who is a product of a polygamous marriage he was blessed to hear a call from God from an early and started practicing Christianity.

Although doing church things at that time, his goal was to be a mechanical engineer. But God changed his plan as a result of a soccer trip tragic accident which had him paralyzed from the neck to his toes and was hospitalized for five months and twenty-two days. Even a Russian specialist who was assigned to him, give him five days to live, but the power of God healed while singing the song “Rock of Ages cleft for me”.

A Sierra Leonean by birth, pastor Kuyateh, spent his young adulthood in neighboring West African State of Liberia. In 1986, he was ordained as minister by two of Gates of Heaven Church, Bishops, Lena Thomas and Rachel C. Brown of Pennsylvania and Monrovia, Liberia respectively.

      During the early days of the Liberia civil war, Pastor Kuyateh served as a member of the Liberia Council of churches, a body set up to the Christian community to mediate peace between Rebel Leader Charles Taylor and the Late Liberian President Samuel K Doe.

      Pastor Kuyateh as a soccer enthusiast and a former Political activist who was privileged to see Sam Njoma of SWAPO and President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe strongly believed that government officials must commit themselves to their citizens well –being. He was a planning Committee member for the visit of Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa to Liberia. Because of his commitment to Justice, he was one of Liberia’s official delegates to the inauguration of the first black South African President Nelson Mandela.

      Pastor Kuyateh came to the United States during the heat of the civil crisis in Liberia and Sierra Leone, where he established his ministry in the 1997, in New Jersey based upon a vow he made to the Lord. The Grace Christian Fellowship Ministries which started as a prayer group has grown to a full church in the City of Old Bridge, where the power of God is working through the church, thus transforming and winning souls for the kingdom. Under Grace are three branches and other cells are in the making. Pastor Kuyateh a man admired in the community for tolerance and justice is strongly committed to Kingdom principles rather than church mind set. Speaking to one of his class mates, he said Magburaka Boys Secondary School (MBSS) have produced a president and other professional but the dots are now connected as the school can be proud of a Bishop,

      The Consecration will take place at the Eternal Life Christian Center, Franklin Boulevard, Somerset New Jersey 08873 on Sunday May 6th 2012 at 3pm. Only invited guests are to attend

as participation is strictly by invitation.

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