Sierra Leone Police call on the nation to disregard Maada Bio’s press release

Culled from The New Vision newspaper :

The Inspector General of Police, Francis Allieu Munu, has called on the people of Sierra Leone to discard or ignore the press release issued by the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP ) about the re-arming and deployment of ex-combatants in the South and East to register. I am encouraging all Sierra Leoneans to ignore that press release and go about their normal business . “There is nothing alarming in the country as the biometric registration is going on peacefully “,Munu said last night . He emphasized that from a professional point of view there are no arms and ammunition scattered up and down the streets which he noted would have been reflected on a high crime rate .




The Police Chief recalled the national consultative conference held in December last year for leaders of the registered political parties and other stakeholders which he said has formed the basis of how to police political rallies and processions.

He urged Sierra Leoneans not to castigate or stigmatize the ex-combatants considering the fact that most people are also ex-combatants given the role they played during the war with some providing information to those who executed it.

Mr. Munu stressed that anyone involved in violence will find himself behind bars before the November elections . He assured Sierra Leoneans that they will police the November elections without fear or favour , adding that they had done it before.



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