‘I joined APC to help President Koroma turn Sierra Leone into a paradise’ : Usu Boie

‘I joined APC to help President Koroma turn Sierra Leone into a paradise’ : Usu Boie thumbnail June 10, 2012.

Amidst earsplitting applause from the massive crowd at the All People’s Congress ( APC ) Headquarters in Freetown , former Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ) Presidential flagbearer , Alhaji Usman Boie Kamara, today said that he joined the ruling APC to help President Ernest Bai Koroma turn Sierra Leone into a paradise. The charismatic and crowd-pulling politician was addressing the giant crowd that turned out this afternoon to witness his official declaration for the APC.  (Photo: A delighted Wusu Boie addressing the crowd: Photo credit Jarrah Kawusu Konte)

Following statements by APC officials and other former SLPP Flagbearers who have switched over to the APC, Mr. Boie took the podium to talk. He said that when he resigned from the SLPP, people told him to sit still but he told them that if he did, confusion would return to the country.

He emphasized that he would be doing injustice to the country if he saw President Koroma working hard to develop the country and did not join him.

He complained that the SLPP was not following its philosophy of ONE COUNTRY, ONE PEOPLE . “We are not the ones saying it”, he explained. “They have demonstrated it all over the country for you all to see, so we cannot sit down quietly”. He stated emphatically that he will not be doing justice to the country if he saw the ideals he believed in being violated and he sat still . He preached his belief in the dictum : HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY.

An engaging speaker, who is also a devout Muslim, Mr. Boie soon went into the Koran and philosophy .He said that the SLPP thought that by marginalizing him they were doing bad to him. But they did not know that inadvertently they were doing good to him. He quoted a passage from the Koran which said that man could do bad things to another but God is able to turn the situation into a blessing. “When the SLPP thought they were doing me evil, unknown to them they were doing good to me to help him come close to my brother, President Ernest Koroma.” (Wild applause from the crowd ).

Mr. Boie Kamara said that God does not want chaos to come to Sierra Leone and so God helped him to join the APC to help unite the country behind President Koroma. He also stressed that he joined the party to help President Koroma solve the problems of the country. He preached peace and said that any country that wants to progress must have peace. He appealed to all and sundry to make sure that no chaos comes to Sierra Leone.

Declaring that there should be no runoff in the presidential elections, he charged APC supporters to play their own parts well so that President Koroma would win at the first ballot. He philosophied that the President , the Vice-President and ministers have their own jobs to do and he, Wusu Boie, will also play his own role to make sure that the President emerges victorious in the November elections and move the country forward . ” I joined the APC so that there will be no runoff in November” (apparently emphasizing that President Koroma deserves a second term because of the good work he has done). He also philosophized that everyone is important and that in politics nobody should be discouraged because everybody’s contribution is important. He told the crowd that he had removed his long pants and donned his short pants to work for the nation. God, he said, wants to bless the country and that is why he helped him join President Koroma.

Mr. Boie , to demonstrate that he did not join the APC alone, said he had brought along Iman Alhaji Y.D. Kamara, the President of the Muslims . He also said that over 500 people had also resigned from the SLPP and that President Koroma would soon be having an audience with them. He assured the crowd that more resignations would soon follow from the sinking SLPP.

The popular politician said that he did not join the APC to get a position. He believes in service. He is not as rich as most people think but what he can say he has in abundance is a good heart and he does not hesitate to share what he has with others. Because of this, he will never suffer on this earth because people with good hearts never suffer. He said that when the SLPP marginalized him, President Koroma told him that he will take him in because he believes that he has a lot to offer his country.

Mr. Boie Kamara thanked everybody for the time they spent to come and make the occasion successful.

He was later given his membership card by President Koroma, making him a full and bona fide member of the APC.

By Kabs Kanu, USA

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