Sierra Leone’s civil society groups remain silent as President Bio continues to violate the constitution with impunity

Sierra Leone’s Civil Society….

Shame on You!!

A sad chapter is unfolding in Sierra Leone and those who have the ‘unlimited jurisdiction’ to condemn and hold to account the shameful excesses of the Bio regime are either on silent mode or are blatantly spewing corrosive political spin to justify every damn constitutional violation commited by the new government.


It is no longer uncommon to hear the boring, illogical and corrupted argument from those political surrogates in civil society and the media that because the previous government did so and so, it is therefore acceptable for the Bio led administration to copy cat same. The rhetoric gets tasteless when some of these rogues, parading as people’s advocates but desperate to get State House attention would attempt to mislead the public about decisions of the erstwhile President who truly can only be accused of committing very few violations at the later part of his ten year presidency.

Certainly, the blunders already made in a less than four months old Bio government are far more enormous but when those expected to ring the alarm bells chose to go mute, it spells doom and exposes the sheer hypocrisy contaminating our social fabric. Sierra Leoneneans are getting despondent, they are perplexed. The economy is in shambles. Our constitution is being ravaged by an administration that keeps getting very low ratings by the electorate and the international community. Sadly, our today’s civil society are no more interested in asking governmet the relevant questions on the management of the economy and the protection of people’s freedoms and rights. Our CSO’s would rather chose to become spin masters – twisting the truth to suit their agenda. The business of holding government accountable is now left with foreign observers like Richard Honey.

Our CSO’s are neck deep in the business of dishing out sycophantic assertions and tasteless rhetoric. Maybe, retracing their steps back to their traditional watchdog role may help restore whatever little credibility left in them. For now, they are a complete mess!!

Shame on them!!
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