Stop Maada Bio’s madness

Dr. Augustine Kamara

The coming days will witness Sierra Leoneans, engaging in a decisive fate, for the future of their country.

November 17 will add to our history books, as the date, which Sierra Leoneans chose their fate in the

Civilized world of nations. It is therefore important for all of us Sierra Leoneans to be serious, and put all

Jokes or foolish sentiments aside, and ,do the right thing and cast the spell of evil away for good. We

have to stop !!! Maada Bio’s Madness. We have come a long way to reach a level of tolerance of

Democracy, that has never been experienced before in our country. Imams, Priests, Journalists, Students

Scholars, Teachers, Our forces, Women and Children, Old, Young, and people from all walks of life,

Religion, Tribe, Region and the Diaspora, have endorsed the good works of president Earnest koroma

and found it fitting for him to carry on the mantle of leadership for a second term.

The campaign trail by both presidential candidates, has shown not only the vast difference in popularity,

Of president koroma towering over Maada Bio’s, but, also revealed further, the ingrain violence of

Maada Bio Who is still on the rampage, and ready to unleash his wickedness anytime he has the chance of doing that.

Even though he is yet to answer for alleged crimes of violation against human rights, the mad

man would not just repent and come to terms with his arrogance, and, sickness of grandiosity, that he is

not the right man Sierra Leoneans would accept as a ruler to be at the helm of our country’s highest office anymore.


Many are attributing a lot of lies to Maada Bio of possessing supernatural powers, or having a Trojan

horse or juju or witch craft and capable of mesmerizing or cast a spell on Sierra Leoneans to vote him as

president, ASTAQFURRLAI!!!! SEVEN TIMES. All these lies and, treachery would soon come to an end

Soon, come November 17. It is an AFRONT to the general population, to allow a man of international

condemnation to lead our beloved Sierra Leone. There was a time, when Sierra Leoneans were

Ashamed to call ourselves as Sierra Leoneans, due to the savagery of people like Maada Bio , Foday

Sankoh, and people like them. Let me use the opportunity by appealing to our brothers and sisters in

the armed forces , please do not allow anybody to fool you into turning your arms against your fellow

Sierra Leonean anymore. We are the same blood and flesh ,and let us don’t bleed ourselves foolishly.

In a short time after our useless past president koroma, has neutralized or changed the ugly picture

the world perceived Sierra Leoneans to be as savages, today every Sierra Leonean is once more proud

to be called a Sierra Leonean.


With the same savagery and illusion, whch Maada Bio perpetrated within his army ranks, he did carry

out again within the peaceful SLPP Party, where he bullied his way to the flag bearer position he now

occupies .


Today, we have heard testimonies of Maada Bio’s operations from people like former president

kabba, and others, of his actions or involvement of alleged murders of innocent souls he committed or

Vandalizing our economies before he left the power he usurped, from his compatriot coupist Valentine

Strasser. We have come to witness in broad day light, how he orchestrated violence in BO, and, Kono.

The molestation and threatening of tribal chiefs in the Eastern province. The blockade of a presidential

Motorcade, and the beating of a foreign journalist. Threatening to kill or murder popular journalists

like Kabbs Kanu and lawyer Iscandri.


Fellow SIERRA LEONEANS enough is enough; it is time to tell the general of madness that, we are not

Moroons , we have brains to think, and we are all God’s children, it is not him alone that god loves,

versus the entire population of Sierra Leone. His spell of magic which he believes in we put the power of

the Almighty god against that. Let it be turned against him until he drowned himself in the ATLANTIC

OCEAN. Come November 17, let us go out there and teach Madder Tomla Bio, the lesson of his life.


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