SWASAL condemns violent verbal attack by SLPP official on sports journalist

SWASAL Condemns Alleged Violent Verbal Attack on Former President by Sports Ministry Official in Conakry

FREETOWN, June 13, 2021:

The Sports Writers Association of Sierra Leone (SWASAL) has received a complaint from its former President and BBC stringer, Mohamed Fajah Barrie of an alleged violent verbal attack directed at him by the Adviser to Sierra Leone Sports Minister, Alie Kader in Conakry, Guinea for publishing a story on his Facebook page about Leone Stars players spending several hours at the Sierra Leone-Guinea border crossing point after they were refused entering into Guinea by the Guinean immigration authorities for lack of COVID-19 test results.

Khader was alleged to have accused the former SWASAL President of sabotaging the SLPP government and threatens that: “Government will deal with you [Fajah]. President Bio is a no-nonsense President and he likes to deal with people like you. I’ll make sure that you will be dealt with.

“While the Sports Writers Association of Sierra Leone was surprised by the alleged attitude of the Adviser to the Sports Minister. “We will set up a three-man committee, to investigate the issue for further actions, ” said SWASAL President, Sahr Morris Jr.

At this moment, SWASAL is appealing for calm and asking all parties to go back to serenity given the importance of the Sierra Leone v Benin match.


Francess Bernard-Bundor (Mrs)

National Secretary General

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