The Independent New Daily Nation newspaper to come out soon


By Kabs Kanu

I will be moving my journalism career to another level very soon — from political journalism to other aspects of the trade — by launching an independent, non-partisan, multi- purpose newspaper , to be known as the DAILY NATION.


The purpose of the DAILY NATION newspaper will be to breathe fresh air into the country’s journalism architecture by having a paper that will cater to readership across the political, religious, social and cultural divides in the country.

First of all, the paper will be neither APC nor SLPP or NGC or PMDC. It will be independent and middle of the road.

This does not mean that the DAILY NATION will not criticize the ruling SLPP Government. If President Bio continues his malgovernance and human rights abuses, we will not relent hammering him but we will do the same to the other political parties in the country. If the APC, NGC, PMDC , PDP ADP and others do not shape up or promote the national welfare , the DAILY NATION newspaper will not spare them too. We will be fearless in pursuit of our enterprise..

The pages of the DAILY NATION newspaper will also be wide open to supporters of all existing political parties and to political analysts of all shades of opinions and persuasion. We will also give supporters of parties the opportunity to address or refute all criticisms launched against them. In that way, the newspaper will be a market place of divergent opinions and ideas.

SECONDLY, the DAILY NATION will give full and unfettered coverage to other aspects of life—Sports, diplomacy, international relations, music. medicine, religion, education, human rights, foreign policy, culture and arts . It will also have a social media page that will feature interesting tweets and Facebook and whatsapp posts and photos by interesting people. There will also be a READERS FORUM for discussion of pertinent issues in our nation and a LETTERS TO THE EDITOR column.

THIRDLY, the DAILY NATION will seek to practice Convergent Journalism by incorporating audios, videos and live interviews ( using not just print and still images ).

The question is : what will be the difference between Cocorioko and the DAILY Nation ? The answer is —-whereas Cocorioko will remain a political newspaper , the DAILY NATION will be multi- dimensional and multi- focused and will give equal attention and prominence to all other aspects of life ( Not just politics) , and the paper will not engage in political patronage or campaign for any party in general..

The DAILY NATION is being published not to please anybody. SLPP supporters can continue bashing me all they want. We will owe loyalty to none but the nation . Since I announced the birth of the DAILY NATION at Whatsapp, they have been second guessing me and ascribing all kinds of motives. These are people that want only those who support their political party that they worship like God. As long as you do not support them, anything you do has negative motives. I have seen them bashing independent journalists for speaking the truth about their president and party. SLPP must know that they are not the only people in Sierra Leone. I am not bothered by their negativity. Even as publisher of Cocorioko I have thousands upon thousands of people who appreciate me and I have won many awards for my journalism. One of the awards interestingly came from the very SLPP..

The birth of the DAILY NATION is not a repudiation of political journalism. We remain proud of the achievements of the values and focus of the COCORIOKO Newsoaper– political journalism . Those who understand know that there are many aspects of journalism- and political journalism is just one of the wider field of the profession.

However, by producing the DAILY NATION, we have decided to broaden our focus .

Long live the national interest.

I will bring you more details.

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