VOICE FROM MATEBOI : That Moseray Fadika’s Prayer on Monologue



That Moseray Fadika’s Prayer on Monologue

By Jonathan Abass Kamara

The prayer I am talking about here is that of the late Philanthropist and Politician, Moseray Fadika aired on the most popular programme MONOLOGUE on Citizen Radio Saturday August 20, 2016. May his soul rest in perfect peace, and may light perpetual shine on him.

Those of us that were fortunate to listen to the recorded prayer of the late man would agree with me that it sounds non-political but spiritual with patriotism. And when Dr. David Tam Bayoh carefully relates to the words of the late man saying “There is power in the tongue” I was spiritually moved. David also asked the question what killed Fadika? Who killed Fadika? His tongue was heavy and could not comment. Whether on professional grounds or perhaps not being the better judge, David has left a million dollar question for us to answer with a research from an impossible encyclopedia of divine grace.

Listening to the late man’s interview on his plan for good leadership to reduce poverty, increase employment, and his determination for Sierra Leone not to be a donor driven country, a wish he said he had manifested since his upbringing to change the lives of Sierra Leoneans, with the prayer “If I cannot do those Papa Gud Pull Me far from this”, and when David Tam Bayoh said “there is power in the tongue”, whether from the Biblical or Quranic point of view, I remain tongued-tied with tears running down my cheek. Fadika had said also in his interview while advocating for the leadership, “God Nor de kommot up kam tuk to man, na man de tuk to man”. In latin we say “Vox populi vox dee”, meaning “the voice of man is the voice of God”. Was God in him or with him in his campaign message? This and many more questions we in planet earth cannot answer. The answer is far above our intelligence as human beings created by the one and only God.

Some people in their sick bed sometimes call upon God to take them home. And in some instance our God would say “I am not yet ready for you because death comes when it is necessary.

Let me quickly relate the circumstance in question to the trial and crucifixion of Jesus: My Christian brothers and friends and clergies would agree with me that Christ during his suffering on the cross had this to say: “Father, if it is possible take this cup of suffering away from me not what I want but what you want”.

And when the time came for God to take him away, he said on the cross “It is finished and that was the last word and last breath.

The late Fadika died far away from home. Whether he said his last words before his death, we cannot say except those that were around him. I’m sure he did not say “It is finished”. Some of his fans have described him as the Moses of Sierra Leone, born to save the country from poverty, and very optimistic that his spirit is with them and his dream for Sierra Leone shall one day come to pass.

Our late brother Fadika in his political campaign and prayer had said “If I cannot do those Papa God pull me far from this”. Whether his death was man-made or by divine grace, it is with heartfelt sympathy I say to the bereaved family, the APC Party and the youths of Sierra Leone “Leh we all hush”.

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