While cowards and the international community are cuddling a blood- thirsty dictator in Sierra Leone, see what is happening in Kenya

Sunday, June 2023 – President William Ruto is facing the battle of his life in Kenya to survive as the Anti-Finance Bill 2024 protests organized by Gen-Z and some millennials escalates in the country..

The protesters have organized a  ‘Week of Rage’ to compel the government to drop the controversial Finance Bill 2024.

According to the Kenya Daily Post, speakers at a rally ” strongly admonished Ruto for supposedly overseeing maladministration and complained about the exploitation of lowly Kenyans grappling with the high cost of living.”

While Kenyans are busy protesting for their rights , Sierra Leoneans  backed by a very weak opposition, a trbalized civil society and media and the hypocritical international community are cuddling a blood- thirsty tyrant, killer, human rights abuser and tribalist in Sierra Leone.

Things are dangerously far worse in Sierra Leone where the SLPP  government of President Bio has trampled on the rights of the people, driven the prices of food and basic commodities through the roof, killed innocent people galore and banned  all forms of peaceful assembly and demonstrations. Bio even stole a whole presidential elections in broad daylight . But nothing by way of protests is happening in the country.


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