The double standards of some of President Koroma’s bitter critics : The saga of Victor Sylver , the shamed BBC Reporter

By Yusufu Sesay :

Victor Sylver, the disgraced BBC  reporter , delights in attacking the government of President Ernest Koroma from his lair in London.

A so-called journalist who moralizes and talks like he cares for huma rights and women’s issues, is just a hypocrite. While he is busy lashing the government, he is also busy beating his wife, Margaret Will, at home. The London Metropolitan Police has been summoned to the home of the Sylvers many times and the BBC  reporter has been whisked away many times for domestic abuse.

These are some of the people desperately fighting to tarnish the name of the APC Government to the international community.



At least, if you are going to try to destroy the good name of the President and his Government and refer to your whole Head of State as a rat, you should try to show better examples . In moralizing in your articles and pretending to be a human rights fighter, at least you should be clear of human rights abuses yourself. But how can you be a drunkard and a serial wife-beater and you try to accuse a whole government of human rights abuses that are evident to all ? Victor Sylver has been arrested many times for spousal abuse.

I think Mr. Sylver must try to reform himself and stop beating  his wife before he starts calling Presidents of sovereign nations rats.

Among the Sierra Leone community in London, Victor Sylver has no respect or credibility. He is instead the laughing stock .

Why not ? His double standards make him a noisy cymbal when he criticizes the APC Government.

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