Civil Society cannot go around threatening legitimate and productive Government



One thing the President Ernest Koroma Government has not ceased to do is to continue seeking the welfare of the Sierra Leonean people.

Though resources are dwindling even in the great United States where you see hundreds of homeless people lying in the street, cuddled against the biting cold, the EBK Government has done its best to utilize whatever resources are available to improve the quality of life of Sierra Leoneans.

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The educational and health care systems have been reformed. Electricity is more available today than it was during the reign of the opposition SLPP when Sierra Leone was considered the darkest country in the world ; State – of – the art highways have been constructed and soon the Waterloo- Masiaka highway will be one of the best in West Africa.

Agricultural productivity has been boosted through government reforms and provision of resources and incentives for farmers.

Sierra Leone is now one of the safest countries in the world with very impressive human rights records and respect for the rule of law. The investment climate remains good, despite the ravages of ebola.

With all these efforts being made by the EBK Government to make Sierra Leone a better country, nobody is impressed by the spunkless ultimatum given to the government by a section of civil society, which is the SLPP in disguise. The rag-tag civil society group is threatening   that if Government does not reduce the price of fuel within 14 days, it will organize demonstrations throughout the country. SHAME. Is that the only method to address vexing issues in the country ?

We all know that demonstrations are an alibi for perpetrating and promoting lawlessness, vandalism and anarchy in the country.

What do these people think about themselves ? Don’t they see all the efforts being made by the government to develop the country and also improve the lot of the people ? If government is already subsidizing the cost of fuel, which is why we have the lowest prices at the pump in all West Africa, how can a serious civil society group  issue such a mindless ultimatum to the government ? Are people trying to take advantage of the tolerance of President Ernest Koroma ?

If the SLPP are looking for power, they should wait for the elections in 2018 and try to get it legitimately through the ballot box. If they are the choice of the people, they will win the elections. But always trying to rock the foundations of peace in the country is very unbecoming of an opposition party disguising itself as civil society .

The last time, it was the Sam Sumana issue and the SLPP failed woefully to incite the people and spark chaos in the country. When will they learn ?

The Government swore an oath to protect and defend the lives and properties of the Sierra Leonean people and foreigners within our borders. The Government must not allow any fifth columnist organization parading as civil society to intimidate it and endanger the lives and properties of the people. This is very selfish and unpatriotic.

Any attempt by  anybody to disturb the peace of our country must be met with strong preemptive and reactive measures designed to keep our country safe.

The people of Sierra Leone deserve to go home after their daily toils and enjoy peaceful sleep at night. They cannot afford to live at the edge of fear and insecurity perpetually due to the unbridled power- consciousness of some depraved people. Those who want power should seek to get it at the ballot box.

Enough, enough. Enough of confrontations and chaos in our country.

Let us learn to resolve our problems through dialogue and peaceful negotiations

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