50th Anniversary : Ambassador Bockarie Stevens And Team Steal The Show

It was indeed a fitting climax to a memorable 50th Anniversary celebration and the glory to steal the show fell on the man President Ernest Bai Koroma sent to the United States to be what everybody is now hailing as THE PEOPLE’S AMBASSADOR. You can love the man or hate him, but one thing you will admit without hesitation is that Ambassador Bockarie Stevens is excellent .He knows how to  excel . One of the sons of the former President of Sierra Leone, the late Dr.Siaka Stevens, knows how to organize anything to bring people together in the cause of the nation and yesterday he did it again . Last Night’s 50th Anniversary Banquet and Awards Night staged by the Ambassador with the help of his competent staff at the Sierra Leone Embassy to the U.S. and the Jubilee Celebrations Organizing Committee easily climaxed into a masterclass that was the best occasion in the whole celebrations . It was the most dramatic finale to a successful jubilee  that saw record-beating events staged in many parts of America , especially New Jersey .
PHOTO : Ambassador Stevens (In white gown ),Ambassador Conteh (Right ) and some of the dignitaries
Everybody who has a stake in the destiny of Sierra Leone was there last night; from foreign diplomats  to Sierra Leone’s Ambassadors and diplomats assigned in Africa and Europe , to retired peace corps volunteers , to prospective investors ,  to representatives of all the political parties in Sierra Leone, to Sierra Leone’s intellectuals in the continental U.S, to supporters of President Ernest Koroma; to distinguished citizens from all walks of life in America, to musicians, young, aspiring  artists  and journalists and to everybody who sensed a grand event in the making and decided to be there to be part of history. A man blessed with the ability never to be awed by any event, however huge, Ambassador Stevens towered over it all with his splendid organizational skills , humour , inclusiveness , congeniality  and that lovable spirit that is his hallmark and with the help of his staff and the Committee , made everybody in the hall experience the thrill of a well-organized program carefully put together to sizzle . This is a program that will be spoken about for generations to come. Held at the Martin Crosswinds, 7400 Greenway Center Drive, Greenbelt, Maryland, the Banquet and Awards Night was too exciting for the right adjectives to describe it. The show had everything.There was plenty to eat and drink , brilliant company ,  eye-popping fashions and of course enjoyment (Dancing ).

This is just the appetizer. Cocorioko-style, we will bring you all the excitement and all the thrills in a series of articles, plus the photos that tell the story of a million words. This article is just to pay homage to Ambassador Bockarie Stevens and his team. To write any report without first giving the Ambassador and his team credit for their marvelous work would be unfair . Here are full  names of the members of the Organizing Committee :
Ambassador Bockarie K. Stevens
Ambassador Ibrahim S. Conteh
Ambassador Rassie Kargbo
Sheku Misali
Saspo I. Conteh
Alan C.E. Logan
Elizabeth Foray
Mohamed L. Bah
Alimamy Bangura
Jeneba Bishop
Mohamed Koya Bangura
Bernadette Kamara Bangura
Nanah F. Bangura
Rev. Gloria Cline-Smythe
Francis A. Conteh
Alhaji Deeney Davies
Yaya Fanusi
Kwame Fitzjohn
Eric Johnny
Abdul Bero Kamara
Bernadette Kamara
Morlai Kamara
Hassan Kamara
Giileh Kebbie Scholz
Daniel Koroma
Mabinty Koroma
Dorothy Dinkins Marah
Lucy Nahim
Suna Nallo
Audrey Pabs-Garnon
John Sandy
Tejan Savage
Victor Tarmoh
Yolanda Thompson
Patricia Omo Thorpe-Finney
Mariama Turay
Rev. Yvonne Washington Turay
David Vandy
Abubakarr Wurie

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