Alpha Kanu’s betrayal : I am disappointed

I am highly disappointed!
Sidique Bakarr…
Sierra Leoneans should not surprise about the drama of Hon Alpha Khan. The old man was a desperate politician who eyed the seat of power but could not make it.
The old man decided to backslide and betrayed his party because the seat of power could not come his way forgetting that power comes from the Almighty.
I can authoritatively tell everyone that this is what Alpha Khan wanted since he was denied the chance of becoming the flagbearer of the APC 2018 elections.
Over the years, the old folks have engaged in series of anti party activities just for the APC to get frustrated and terminate his membership.
That is his game plan.
Now the iron is red, he has showered love and loyalty to the SLPP on a broad daylight, the ball is in the court of the APC and Yansaneh to expel and delete his membership.
These are the type of politicians the SLPP stooges of boosting for.
Sierra Leone shall never grow with these type of political gimmicks from our politicians.
A man that was found guilty of massive corruption is in the cabinet of a government that campaigned on the platform of eradicating corruption. This is crazy.
Shame on the government of President Bio. I am disappointed.
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