Ambassador David Bryan Hunt, Sierra Leoneans are unhappy with America for helping to set an ugly precedent in their country


By Kabs Kanu

David, you are a fine gentleman and I like your candor and forthrightness in articulating the issues . You do not sugarcoat or seek to deceive. That is unlike the character flaw often associated with foreign diplomats. Kudos, buddy.

However, you have to be wary of your legacy in Sierra Leone, as a brilliant diplomat who has done so much to promote the U.S foreign policy in the world.

Maada Bio and his Paopa SLPP bunch blatantly stole an election with impunity . Please help us have electoral justice in Sierra Leone. Help us to have Maada Bio and his criminal bunch account for their criminality. Please do not aid and abet in allowing Maada Bio to get away with it because it will set a horrible precedent in Sierra Leone.

I know my.Sierra Leonean people. We do not do well in burying the hatchet. Though we may feign burying the hatchet at times , we mark the spot where we bury it. I want to assure you that once Maada Bio gets away with this felony he has committed by stealing a whole presidential election, future presidents in Sierra Leone will replicate Bio”s criminal and thoughtless behavior.

My worthy Ambassador, do not trust our people that once the Tripartite Committee recommendations are legislated and made law, they will be obeyed. Our politicians in Africa lack the MORAL WILL to do the right thing. The laws and regulations can be in existence but our politicians do not have the moral will to implement them . Once Maada Bio gets away with this broad daylight robbery, other presidents will do the same with the self – assured belief that they too will face tremendous ostracization but that is the worst l that would possibly happen. They will ride rough shod over the din of the storm and get away with it, like Maada Bio.

President Maada Bio should have been severely punished for his petulant robbery. It is the only message our politicians understand. He and his thieving officials should have been banned from entering the United States ; their foreign assets should have been frozen; the SLPP Government should have been slapped with debilitating economic and diplomatic sanctions . These actions would have crippled his government and forced him to give back what he had stolen , like the thief Zaccheus did in the Bible.

We Sierra Leoneans think that the U.S– the only Superpower of the World on whom we depended for electoral justice — disappointed us. All the U.S did was that she gave Bio a mere slap on the wrist. The travel sanctions were a beer garden joke and a ruse . Giving Maada Bio the MCC Compact was tantamount to rewarding evil in Sierra Leone. How can you approve the Compact for  a President who wilfully stole an election and to this day is defying local and international demands to publish the results ? Don’t you see that it is incongruent with honesty and the integrity of the MCC ?

I am a U.S citizen and I am very proud of my American citizenship and I provide full support to the U.S in her struggles against terrorism, transnational crime and diabolical enemy actions that threaten the interests of the U.S around the world.

Please think about the international image of the great United States of America, a country we love. Do not set a bad precedent in Sierra Leone . Punish Maada Bio and force him to surrender what he has stolen from the Sierra Leonean people.

We thank you for the measures to strengthen our democratic institutions and processes, but that is not enough if the thief remains on the throne. Maada Bio must go. We the people of Sierra Leone do not want a brazen elections thief running our national affairs. If Bio gets away with this, you have set a dangerous precedent in Sierra Leone. Future presidents will do the same and who will continue to suffer ? Our people.

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