APC-NA Chairman leaves for Freetown to help sensitize people for 2007 elections

The Chairman of the All People’s Congress ( APC) North American Chapter, Mr. Alimamy G. Kargbo, leaves the United States next week for Freetown , to join the sensitization program of the APC , ahead of the July 28 General Elections in Sierra Leone. 
Speaking to COCORIOKO  in an exclusive interview , Mr. Kargbo told this newspaper that he was heading for Freetown to help sensitize the Sierra Leonean people about the election registration process slated for February 26, this year. Mr. Kargbo said it was necessary to sensitize the people on voters’ registration because they have to know that if they do not register, they cannot vote in the elections. The voters registration, he went on, was everybody’s project and those who want to exercise their franchise on July 28 have to vote.
Mr. Kargbo , who will also be contesting the Parliamentary Elections for Freetown East 111 ( Zone 4, encompassing Rokupar, Kuntolloh , Jalloh Terrace and Portee in the Wellington Area was asked by COCORIOKO  how the APC  stood for this much-awaited General Elections. In response, Mr. Kargbo said that from the reports the North American Branch has been receiving, the APC  was confident of victory in the elections. “The party is doing very well. It has great momentum When the leader returned toi Sierra Leone from the U.S,  he went to Bo,  Kenema , Makeni and Port Loko. The enthusiasm of the people was great and he was given a huge welcome .That has indicated to us that he has good standing with the people “, Mr Kargbo explained.
Mr. Kargbo disclosed that the APC has been able now to penetrate the South/East. For this, Mr. Kargbo commended the PMDC  which, he said, made it possible , by neutralizing the stranglehold the SLPP  once had in this region.” Because the PMDC  is able to go through the South/East and sensitize the people, we too are now able to do so”, he went on. Mr. Kargbo said the APC Leader’s next trip will be to Kailahun. He wants to sensitize the people in areas where because of the old system of proportional representation, the SLPP  used to go unopposed.
Asked whether the APC  was still in court, Mr. Kargbo answered in the affirmative but he quickly clarified that the APC  did not go to court;rather the party was taken to court by the Serry Kamal faction. Mr. Kargbo denied speculations that Dr. Abdulai Conteh had gone to Freetown to fight alongside the dissidents. He said Dr. Conteh was one of the peacemakers who had been working hard to keep the party together .He intimated that unless things change overnight, he did not believe that Dr. Conteh went to Sierra Leone specifically to join the Kamal group.
Mr. Kargbo expressed confidence in the Electoral Commissioner, Ms. Christiana Thorpe , who, he said, had been trying to demonstrate so far that she would pursue the objectives of the NEC.
Mr. Kargbo called on all Sierra Leoneans to take the electoral process seriously. He called on them to debunk tribalism and regionalism .He said that Sierra Leoneans had suffered too much and should work for change in the country.
Mr. Alimamy Kargbo lauded the good relations between him and other members of the chapter . He said he had good working relations with members of all the branches .Infact, I came to New Jersey to visit with the APC Branch here to motivate them to seek the way forward.
Mr. Kargbo said that the Washington Chapter of the APC  will be holding a fund-raising dance on January 27.

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