As Maada Bio blackout takes center stage in the capital Freetown, citizens ‘toeline’ for ice blocks

  As Maada Bio blackout takes center stage in the capital Freetown citizens toeline for ice block.
Sierra Leone has returned to the dark age of no electricity because of incompetent and clueless leadership by the ex-Junta leader Kamajor maladministration (SLPP), the country has been plunged into total darkness because this maladministration cannot provide simple electricity for Sierra Leoneans, before they fraudulently came to power Sierra Leoneans were enjoying stable and constant electricity throughout the country under the dynamic leadership of Ernest Bai Koroma.
Sierra Leoneans now have to que in charging centers to charge their phones and now business people are queing to purchase ice block to preserve their products or keep their drinks cold a stage most of them thought they have put behind their back.
May be an image of text that says 'Watin kill am am? Watinkillam? ? Blackout Salonedrips'
Maada Bio has dragged them back to square one, Blackout.
This is the true definition of “We will deliver” Paopa Salone go Betteh.
Ice cube is the new gold in Freetown, people queuing at the main entrance of ICE ME to buy ice cube for their businesses as the City continues to be in darkness for days.
 Back to 1900… Ice Block Wahala 😀
I’ve just been informed that the government and Karadizpower Ship have reached an agreement to begin supplying electricity to the city. This means the city would at any time from now begin to get electricity.
But the question is, how long can we continue like this? A city with just over one million people can’t generate its own electricity.
It’s sickening to see our resources being siphoned by foreigners. The ship is busy making money from us because we can’t have sustained structure to get our own.
The country has been independent for more than 60 years, yet we still can’t get sustainable electricity.
Every election year is filled with deceptive promises. During campaigns, they wrap untruthful promises to gain power, only for us to suffer afterwards.
This has to change. We have to change it now
This blackout nor funny O

Lans Omar

Fatmatta Dao, ar dae tell you me sister. They spend million of $$ on trips but can’t afford electricity in the country. What a shame!

Lans Omar

Kay David King, lol. Rotten country. Even drinking water is not even available in the country. Rotten.

Mohamed Blango

Prezo lef play play. Blackout wan kill we bra

Peter Sesay

This must have added poverty to our people and dem still Dae explain.
Udat loss bout na ihn Dae explain too mus

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