Bondo : Gambian women say over their dead bodies, while Sierra Leone flip flops



First, the government banned Female Circumcision in the Gambia and everybody praised the Gambia and held them up high as a model of women’s rights. But then, the Gambia government backtracked and are trying to repeal the law and bring back FMG.

But women in the Gambia have come out strongly and vowed that it is only over their dead bodies that the government will reinstate Female Circumcision—A nightmare , uncivilized and ungodly practice that destroys women. The woman den don tawa nar Gambia say NO WAY. NO MORE BONDO. Watch some photos of the protests.

Sierra Leone presents a different scenerio as the SLPP Government seems to be in support of the unholy practice that is not in the Bible. Also, Bondo women are very powerful in Sierra Leone and can derail the prospects of the reelection of the government. Men who advocate against Bondo face threats, stigma and ostracization and are even in danger of losing their jobs.

Of the nearly 20 ethnic groups in Sierra Leone, only the Creoles, Krus and Bassas do not engage in FGM. At least 9 out of every 10 women in Sierra Leone are circumcized. In fact, Sierra Leone and neighbouring Guinea have the highest rates of circumcized women in Africa.

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