Thursday May 18, 2006

First_Name:  Brima
Last_Name:  Alpha
Email_Address:  [email protected]
Address:  10 Regency Manor Drive
City:  New Brunswick
State:  New Jersey
Zip_Code:  08901
Comments:  Charles Margai want to repeat history. Exactly fourty years in 2007, Charles Margai aim to do the same power hungry mistake his dad did in 1967 that led APC to take over the country.

His father divided the SLPP party because he want to stay in power by whatever means even when the party dont want him to be the party leader. As the saying goes, thou father thou son, he bear the same fruit with his father, power hungry. Charles Margai will never be president in Sierra Leone because of his over ambtious behavior for power. I am relly sorry to say this but Charles has lost credibilty to many Sierra Leoneans abroad. SLPP is not a FamilY Property.

You need to go through the party rank and develop the party base in order to be nominated party leader not on the basises of family name “MARGAI”. Therefore my advise to Charles is to come back and start building his base in the Party like any other memeber and not because you are margai. Let me assure you that this time around you are going to fail hopelessly and the Margai name will be dump in garbage forever. We dont need power hungry family in Sierra Leone today.

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