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By a fan

Here are some SLPP members who say they are educated but when they face the music of truthfulness they employ cussing and lies.

One thing these tribal maggots in the SLPP are failing to realise is that sixty percent of Sierra Leoneans gave the APC victory in the parliamentary election.

There is no hiding place for the SLPP. The people will vote them out on Saturdayinspite of their kamajors presence with matchetes.

The prayers of our people are working. They pray for God to expose the evil ones in Sierra Leone and also for him to deliver the people from unrighteous and wicked leaders. The answer is unfolding. SLPP fanatics are busy causing mayhem in the SOuth East of the Country. One of its officials at NEC, Mohamed Massaquoi was caught at the airport with SLPP cadres to gather newly arrived voting materialsto rig the elections. Our God is good and those who wait upon him will be rewarded. This time, we who want to see Sierra Leone free from the evil SLPP politicians pray for God to take control of our Country and cast those who seek evil in the sea of darkness.

There will be great joy in our Country and the blessings of our father in heaven will flow from the north, south, east and west. There will be great mourning and infirmities in the house of those who seek destruction and calamity for Sierra Leone.


The present SLPP cabal have outlived their usefulness and now both John Karimu and John Benjamin are using ignorant people to dig their own grave. The World is watching them. Those who ignite genocidal act and massacre will face the wheel of justice anywhere they will go to find a refuge.

John Benjamin, you are a feeble human being. God’s plan for Sierra Leone is powerful than yours. Your plan to cause confusion in our Country will not materialised.

It is despicable for you to preach against injustice, corruption and malfeasance and now you are at the forefront of destroying our Country.

Why would you love Sierra Leone?. A man who has a non Sierra Leonean Father will do all he can to destroy the house. Woe unto you and all your Children. For you and the SLPP big guns are denying innocent people peace in Kailaihun, Segbwema, Daru and other places while your kith and kin are in the West enjoying the white man’s goodies.

May calaminty befall John Benjamin and all his lieutenants that are taking order from him in their desire to bring terror and tribal warfare in Sierra Leone.

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