Cocorioko was right: President Biden uses U.S/ Africa Summit to caution against rigging next year’s elections

Cocorioko was right : U.S .President Biden cautions African leaders against rigging forthcoming elections

By Kabs Kanu

WE SAID IT, but our detractors and the ruling SLPP thought we were just  creating  unnecessary vibes. We said that the reason President Biden did not pick and choose whom he invited to the U.S – Africa Summit was that he wanted to warn against rigged elections and he wanted every African leader to be there to receive the message .

Today, President Biden called to the White House the Presidents of 6 countries conducting elections next year to urge them to ensure that the elections are free, fair and transparent.

Sierra Leone ‘s President Maada Bio, Liberia ‘s George Weah and Nigeria ‘s Mohamadu BUHARI were among the 6 African leaders called to the White House by President Biden .

Sierra Leone SLPP media handlers are celebrating President Bio’s appearance at the White House meeting and the photo-ops the President granted him and the 5 leaders after the meeting. Though they might have a right to rejoice, they are however  neglecting  to publish or acknowledge  the real reason the President and the 5 others were invited to the White House.

But President Biden himself,  Liberia’s President Weah, Uganda’s President Museveni,  Bloomberg News and a number of foreign news outlets  have come out with the news : Why President Biden called the 6 leaders to the White House. It was to caution these leaders who are conducting polls next year to ensure that  all the elections to be held in their countries must be free and fair .

This demolished the false impression rabid SLPP supporters were about to spread that President Biden invited President Bio to the White House for a one-on-one because he was marveled at the leadership of the Sierra Leone President. It was just as well that the truth came out because deceitful SLPP supporters would have pulled a fast one on the nation by lying that President Biden invited Bio to praise him for his leadership.

As is the practice of international diplomacy, the advice  is firm and unequivocal and though it may not have been harshly delivered ( Presidents and diplomats do not use harsh tones ), the fact is clear. For President Biden to have singled out the 6 leaders in whose countries elections will be held next year out of the 49 present and invited them to a meeting at the White House , it shows clearly that the U. S President is very serious with his commitment to make sure that free elections and democracy prevail in Africa

But Some of the leaders warned , like President Bio, who has very deceitful supporters and  who was only enthused by the idea of being invited to the White House , will try to miss the importance of the meeting and project it rather as a huge recognition of and trust in their governance , especially also  with the deceitful propagandists at his party’s disposal.  But those of us in touch with the U.S State Department know that the invitation of the 6 leaders had nothing to do with recognition and endorsement of their rule, per se. It was rather a process of conveying to these presidents to ensure that they do not rig the elections next year.

The wiser ones among them will however note that despite the seeming friendly , albeit diplomatic tone through which President Biden delivered the message , the U.S President meant what he asked them to do and they must ensure that they do not rig the elections.


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