Priotizing Sierra Leone Come July 2007 Elections


The people of Sierra Leone are preparing for yet another presidential and Parliamentary election scheduled for 28th July, 2007.

As usual in spite of the ban imposed on political campaigning until NEC declares it so according to law, has been violated as parties are surreptitiously busy canvassing to win votes of the electorate’s on Election Day.

During this period, it’s common to see politicians and hear their promises. In fact they have not only stopped making verbal promises but have gone ahead to produce neatly tailored manifestos. Most of these manifestos promised nothing other than transforming the country from a wretched state to an enviable one worthy of living.

The is that when these parties were eventually voted into power by the people, they totally ignore the promises they made to them. The situation therefore becomes one in which rather than working assiduously to alleviate the suffering masses, those in authority will only be demeaned in working to line up to their own pockets.

Such situation as mentioned above has resulted into not only deprivation of the suffering masses but contribute to their state of povert

As a media institution, we are aware of the fact that one reason why the Sierra Leone Peoples Party enjoyed popular support in the last two democratic elections was simply because the people felt the SLPP would help to restore sanity and contribute in minimizing poverty in the country.

Today, virtually many right thinking Sierra Leoneans hold the view that the ruling government party has failed to live up to expectations. The city of Freetown is still in perpetual darkness except being aided by personal generators while the streets are filthy.  Residents of the city are still battling with the problem of getting good drinking water.  The road networks both within the city and those connecting the provinces are terrible.

Practically, one is trying to point out that in spite of the high support the SLPP enjoyed in the last two elections, it has failed the masses.

It ought to be very explicit that as a media institution we are not only saying that the people should not vote for a political party that disappointed them but to raise awareness about the failures of certain parties in order to avoid a future occurrence of such failed governments.

The concern is to ensure that people make critical assessment of all promises and manifestos of political parties and leaders that will represent them before casting their vote. Therefore, the critical way we want the people to assess the promises of politicians is to know which one addresses their interests.

Perhaps this time round, Sierra Leoneans must also look beyond political promises and manifestos and take a critical look at the composition of each political party, in addition to its leadership. The emphasis is that people who desire to make the country should be given chances.  


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