Congregation stages special Program to honour Covenant Child World Ministry pastors

Last Sunday, the congregation of the Covenant Child World Ministries of New Jersey, USA  , staged a Pastors’ Appreciation Day program for Senior Pastor Tigidankay Kabs-Kanu and Co-Pastor Leeroy Wilfred Kabs-Kanu .

The church pledged its unflinching loyalty to the husband and wife team and  said that  they appreciate what the Pastors  are doing to preach, teach and spread the Word of God. They also commended the role the pastors and the church were playing in the community to help build very strong families and followers of Jesus Christ.



The church  said that they staged the program  to demonstrate to the  pastors  how much they appreciate them.

The program was followed by a sumptuous lunch with all kinds of African, American, European and Caribbean foods. Covenant Child World Ministry women can lavish members with food and did the same last Sunday.



On behalf of the pastoral team, the Rev. Leeroy Wilfred Kabs-Kanu thanked members of the church for their gesture and  assured them of their continued devotion to them and the work of God . He advised them to focus on knowing, understanding and worshipping God because that is what God requires of them. He noted that members of the church were very faithful and have demonstrate this many times.

He told them that it was God who called him and his wife about 30 years ago while they were in Liberia to do his work and help bring people to Jesus Christ, who is the savior of their souls. He and his wife served their churches with distinction before deciding to set up their own ministry. He said they were there to serve the congregation and they must call on them at all times.

Pastor Kanu said the church is growing, which is very good news.


MEMBERS are seen praying for us here.

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