Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) proposes amendments to the 1991 Constitution


By Mohamed Faray Kargbo

February 16, 2016-The CRC has published an abridged version of its First Draft Report containing proposals for an amendment of the Constitution of Sierra Leone Act No 6 of 1991.

Key issues proposed include the following:

Four New Chapters have been developed-
1. Local Government and Decentralization

2. Lands, Natural Resources and the Environment

3. Citizenship

4. Information, Communication and the Media

The Office of Attorney General separated from the Minister of Justice

Local Council Elections to be conducted every 5 year instead of four

Local Council Elections to be non-political

Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Council Elections to be held on a fixed calendar date

The President is not exempted from personal taxation

The President should no longer be a Member of Parliament

A House of Paramount Chiefs to be created. No second Chamber or Senate

CRC is seeking further information on whether or not the death penalty should be abolished

The retirement age of Judges/Justices of the Superior Court of Judicature shifted from 65 to 70 years

The African Negro requirement to be a citizen of Sierra Leone should be eliminated

Stateless children under 5 years found in Sierra Leone should be granted citizenship status

The Chief Justice to be appointed by the Judicial and Legal Service Commission

The two land tenure systems in the country should be harmonized

The President and Vice President should not be removed from office if they lose their political party membership after assumption of office

The President and Vice President should only be removed from office in accordance with the procedures set out in Sec 50 and 51 of the 1991 Constitution

Members of Parliament should only be qualified for pension and gratuity after serving two consecutive terms as MPs.

Education, health and right to shelter are now justiciable

The term of office of the President should remain as it is in the 1991 Constitution-Maximum of two terms of 5 years each whether the terms are consecutive or not

These and many others constitute the recommendations that the CRC has endorsed but these are subject to validation by the people. The Committee therefore invites inputs and responses from the public on the aforementioned propositions.

Please visit the CRC Website for the abridged draft report

Alternatively, please send mail to or requesting a copy of the report

After the validation exercise, CRC will compile the Final Report which will be submitted to the Government.

Please call +23276387711 for further inquiries
Qualifications for Office of President.

41. No person shall be qualified for election as President unless he—

a. is a citizen of Sierra Leone;

b. is a member of a political party;

c. has attained the age of forty years; and

d. is otherwise qualified to be elected as a Member of Parliament.


Section 75.

Any person who:

a. is a citizen of Sierra Leone (otherwise than by naturalization); and

b. has attained the age of twenty-one years; and

c. is an elector whose name is on a register of electors under the Franchise and Electoral Registration Act,
1961, or under any Act of Parliament amending or replacing that Act; and
d. is able to speak and to read the English Language with a degree of proficiency sufficient to enable him to
take an active part in the proceedings of Parliament,

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