DISCLAIMER from the Office of Social Welfare Minister Dr. Sylvia Blyden !!!!!! 2 years old Child refused Help

DISCLAIMER !!!!!! 2 years old Child refused Help

The attention of the Honourable Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden has been drawn to a piece on social media alleging she told the father of a 2 years old child, that she refused to help him get justice. The said piece is authored by one Baimba Ojuku Sesay whilst the said father remains anonymous and unidentified – if he does indeed exists.

Hon. Dr. Blyden has categorically stated that the report is totally false. She has NEVER been approached let alone refused such a request.


Furthermore, immediately upon hearing the claim this evening, the Minister engaged all the Child professionals in her ministry’s headquarters to enquire if any of them are aware of such a case. *Nobody is aware and nobody was ever contacted on such a matter*. The headquarters have also contacted the regions and districts. Nobody knows anything about such a 2 year old being beaten up by a law court officer and/or his wife as alleged.

Therefore, Hon. Blyden considers the claim against her to be just another failed attempt by those who are so intimidated by her natural appeal that they manufacture up a ceaseless stream of lies to defame her. For example, why was the name of the so-called father not mentioned? In which part of Sierra Leone did the incident take place? In Freetown? Bo? Kenema? Makeni? Kono?


No details accompany the report except a vague ‘father’ who complained to Baimba Ojuku Sesay but did not give his name or contact. Strange story!

 *Very few women in the history of this country have been able to command the type of natural appeal which Hon. Minister Blyden enjoys in all four corners of the country.*

As a result, the public is now very much aware of many gimmicks and shenanigans usually done by those who fear her massive natural appeal across the country.

Once again, the public is hereby assured that nobody at Children’s Directorate of the Ministry or any of the officials of the Ministry were approached by this anonymous ‘father’ on such a matter let alone refuse to help him.

*However, the allegation is taken seriously so the Hon. Minister has directed the current Head of Children’s Directorate Mrs. Joyce Kamara and her deputy, Mrs. Florence Sandy to be on standby to receive the said father and his complaint so a social worker can be assigned to the said case, which if true, is a serious issue that the Ministry will work on alongside the Law Officers Department and the Sierra Leone Police.*

Let the public be now informed that every one at the Ministry is waiting to receive the said father. The Ministry takes all child welfare complaints brought to our attention with importance. The doors of our professional staff are always opened for prompt assistance.

Finally, it must be reiterated that members of the public are being urged to refrain from playing cheap politics against hard-working Cabinet Ministers.

Office of Hon. Dr. Sylvia Blyden
*Sunday 9th July 2017*

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