Dr. Samura Kamara will not kowtow to Sierra Leone’s untruthful inter religious council

Dr. Samura Kamara, the presidential candidate of the All People’s Congress ( APC ) in the recent General Elections in Sierra Leone, who is still fuming after being cheated of victory in broad daylight ,  has given indications that he might not cooperate with Sierra Leone’s Interreligious Council, who wanted to intervene in the present political impasse in the country.

News is spreading that the Sierra Leone Inter Religious Council ( IRCSL) is planning to break the impasse by meeting with  Dr. Samura Kamara to prevail on him to concede and make peace with President Maada Bio and the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP). But this week, Dr. Kamara released a statement to his supporters and it does not appear like he will welcome the meeting.

“My Fellow Sierra Leoneans, as you all are aware, we are currently in an extremely challenging post-election environment, marred with expressions of disappointment, anger, grief, and seeming hopelessness.

“Knowing that your votes were not counted and the fact that your electoral commission could not account for your ballots, many of you are questioning the efficacy of elections and by extension, democracy.

“In the face of such deliberate institutional failure and daylight fraud, others, including some “Men of God”, are busy running around, desperately preaching Peace. I am compelled to state that many of these “Men and Women” know the Truth; it is just that they are not bold enough to speak the truth where they should.

“May the Fear of God resurrect and prevail in their hearts as well as in those architects of such unprecedented electoral fraud. Meanwhile, let us, as good citizens continue to hold on to expectations of Peace, Justice and Truth, sooner rather than later. God bless the Republic of Sierra Leone,”

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