3 days more for the liberation of Sierra Leonean poor

By our correspondent

Three more days the people of Sierra Leone who have risen above tribalism and regionalism will cast their votes to elct Mr Ernest Bai Koroma as their leader. The decision to give the presidency to the APC is because the incumbent governmnet of Tejan Kabbah/ Berewa have misused large chunk of money by British tax payers and other friendly nations.

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In the last months, we have seen Berewa charged with the responsibility to alleviate poverty using the money at campaign rallies and evn his daughter Annie Lansana was all over the place taking half hearted projects into areas where Berewa thought everyone is supporting the SLPP.

Hundreds of thousands of Sierra Leoneans died because of the absence of good medical facility. Great number of students are not able to inculcate quality education and Freetown got a water well in the 21st century.Piles of rubbish and mosquito borne diseases take control of Freetown and many sleep without having a square meal. Of the hundreds of millions of dollars the World pumped into Sierra Leone, a fraction was used to carry on the so-called Sababu project and few SLPP top guns and their ontractors basked in wealth and glamour. Sierra Leone has more mercedes benz cars and hummers than any other Countries that had come out from a civil war.

The head of NACSA, Kanja Sesay is an outright millionaire and John Karimu pays himself eight thousand dollars montly to watch the Revenue authority.

The SLPP tribalised every sector making it difficult for non SLPPers to take positionsin the governmnet. From Bonn, Brussels to United States, only one tribe has the majority of diplomats!

Within three days time, smart Sierra Leoneans will give back the Presidency to a man who by and large is patriotic and genuinely got hisroot from the Country. Three days to go, our people will start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. No more selected justice. The anti corruption will become a pro acive tool to combat corruption. The judiciary will show its impartiality and fair play in all respect. Mr Koroma franked by Charles Margai will resurrect new hope and credibility for their Country men.
hree days to go, we will get back Sierra Leoneans with proven ability to fill the vacuum that the SLPP created in retrogressing Sierra Leone. Three days to go, leading Sierra Leonean academics and experts will formulate strategies to lead our Country from the socio-economic morass the SLPP planted.

Three days more, Sierra Leoneans futire will be controlled by honest individuals headed by honest Ernest Koroma and Charles Margai. Three days to go tribalism will be athing of the past as everyone will be on boardto chart a good futre for our children. Three days to go, Sierra Leoneans will enure that no rogue politcians take the seat of government any longer. Three days to go the memories of Police intimidation and tribalism at governmnet offices will be eroded.

Three mre days, Sierra Leoneans will know that God indeed, open their eyes to cast aside evil and emvrace goodness. Three days more, the foces of darkness will be exposed and light will flourish in Kailaihun, Kenema, Bo, makeni and other places
Three days more, our troubld mind will be energised by a new reawakening.

Three days more, our dignity will be restored by the APC/PMDC alliance. Three days more, awarenesstimes will cease to embarrras reputable International experts.

Three days more, Christiana Thorp name will be written in the annals of Sierra Leone;s greatest people. Three days more, the san san boy, fulumunku, okada drivers would raise their bar and recievethe wealth of their nation equitably. Three days more, Freetown residents will start to smell a new aroma on their stereets and vicinity.

Three days more, Sierra Leoneans from all corner will sing at last that old spirtual song as was sung by Martin Luther King”Free at last, thank God we are free at lat.

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