Ernest Koroma, aspiring President , gives Cocorioko second exclusive interview about his plans for Sierra Leone : Part 3

More Pictures From the visit to New Jersey  on May 19-20, 2004 of  the  high -Powered  APC Delegation From Freetown , led by the Party Leader and Presidential candidate  Ernest  Bai  Koroma
APC SEC.GENERAL AND COCORIOKO EDITOR REALIZE IT IS A SMALL WORLDThe APC Secretary General, Victor Foh, and the COCORIOKO Editor , Kabs Kanu, your humble servant, had cause to learn once again that we live in a small world.Foh, who had gone downtown and was not around when I  arrived to visit and interview the APC Leader,  came back from  Somerset with aides and met  the me  interviewing the APC Leader. 


He was concerned about the close proximity I was sitting with the party leader –for security reasons – and was  busy enquiring from aides who I was and why I had been allowed to sit so closely to the APC Chieftain. I heard him distinctly mumbling that aides have to be security-conscious.I had  known  that Foh was married to Madam Yonta Turay , whose siblings and Yonta herself  grew up  with me at Reservation  Bo in the 1960s . Her siblings Sammy, Raymond, Lydia and Evelyn were my playmates . I  took the distrust calmly and joked with Foe : “Ernest Koroma is my brother and also my college mate at FBC. I am interviewing him for my newspaper .Even you, Mr. Foe, we are connected in some way and when you soon known who I am, you will be surprised ”


Foh was anxious naturally to hear this  but waited patiently for the interview to end.  After  the interview, I motioned the corner to him and he followed me : “Where is my sister ( Your wife )”  ? I asked him. The APC Secretary General was then told that this  Editor grew up with members of the family in which he had married and to say he was surprised and excited would be an understatement. He was very excited as I  named all his in- laws. and recounted how his wife’s family and mine lived virtually as one family in Bo during my schooldays.Yonta, though older than me ,  and her sisters and brothers even attended primary school with me and my elder brother, Max. Her brother, Sammy , and I  were closer than brothers and  were not only classmates but played together and exchanged comics  as kids. Foh was so moved you could see the surprise on his face .


Foh took my hand  and led me  to Ernest Koroma and then to other APC  stalwarts, introducing me  as his “Komaneh” .He tried to introduce me to the leader, but Ernest told him  that this  Editor and himself  were buddies at FBC  in the 1970s. .


The lesson to be learnt from this is that we Sierra Leoneans may have our different political associations , affiliations and philosophies but we must never forget that we come from a very small country where we are all interrelated somehow by marriage, kinship, tribe , region or other considerations. Victor Foh learnt that it is a small world, but then he was doing his job. He had to ensure that the Leader of the APC  was safe .


Foh (Right) and the Editor  took  this friendly picture afterwards. Indeed, it is a small world.



The APC Secretary General, Victor Foh, and Mortgage Banker, Foday Mansaray( In white shirt ), with the APC Leader’s delegation and some members of the New Jersey Chapter of the APC.
The President of the New Jersey Chapter of the APC, Mr. Mohamed Azziz Nabe
Mr. Mohamed Sowe , the Internal Auditor of the APC North American Branch and Secretary General of the New Jersey Chapter
An Old Edwardians get-together at the hotel where the COCORIOKO Editor, Kabs Kanu , interviewed the APC Leader, Mr . Ernest Bai Koroma . The Editor ( Right ) , an Old Edwardian too ( Attended St. Edwards Primary School 1962-63), was excited to meet one of his boyhood  soccer heroes , Allieu Pat-Sowe (Second from right ) , who was one of the stars of the Old Edwardians soccer team of the mid to late 1960s .Pat-Sowe played alongside other Old Edwardian greats like the late Patrick Kemokai,the late goalkeeper Amadu Kargbo,  Obi Metzger, Wasiu Sunmonu, Prince Elba ,Allister Walton-Davies,  Daniel Kamara ( Fangay), Sylvanus Morado Kamara etc who captured the 1968 League Championship and the 1969 FA Cup. Obi and Wasiu joined Ports Authority after 1968 .
The Editor (Centre) seen here interviewing the APC Leader, Ernest Koroma  ( Left).  Sitting  next to them is the President of the North American Branch of the APC, Mr. Alimamy Kargbo.
 Ernest Koroma stressing a point during the interview
Alex Mansaray ( Centre) confers with the Editor while he was interviewing the APC Leader. Right is APC North America Chairman, Alimamy Kargbo, taking notes too from the leader’s responses.
Business man , Mr. Asmad Barrie, the Internal Auditor of the New Jersey Chapter of the APC.
The APC  people pose for this picture after the Editor finished interviewing the leader of the party, Ernest Koroma.
The APC Leader, Ernest Koroma , being interviewed by the Editor of COCORIOKO. .The leader is wearing a special party T-shirt with his name and position inscribed on it. Watch his right chest . Copyright. COCORIOKO.

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