Upon allegations that the recent FBC SU President’s election was fraught with gross irregularities, some *students have taken to protest on campus that they recognize not Augustine Bona as president,* and demand that the election be re-held. Bona’s two contenders didn’t sign the package of ballot papers and the electoral register; ultimately, they couldn’t turn out to vote on polling day. In a meeting held with his supporters clocking up to the twilight of polling day, Mohamed Kabba, Leader of the Reformation Movement, particularly advanced the following reasons that fused his involvement into the process:

—- that the *Electoral Register was not published and made known to all candidates 24 hours* before Polling Day, as unanimously agreed with the TENTATIVE Commissioner;

—that the ballot papers are illegal due to the fact that only one of the candidates appended his signature and thus recognized it;

— that in the evening of the day before October 31st, *Augustine Bona was seen leaving the administrative premises with the Electoral Register* – an act they considered undemocratic as the said list should be with all parties involved in the process;

—that the *Deputy Registrar of Fourah Bay College was given the responsibility to preside over the elections instead of an independent Electoral Commissioner.*

These reasons, whether empirically factual or not, are not unconnected to today’s situation on campus. The aggrieved students view Bona’s election as a *”CURSORY IMPOSITION OF POWER”* by the administration in a bid to *”ATTRACT CENTRAL GOVERNMENT’S APPRAISAL.”*

One might ask: “Is this how the vision of HE Bio to restore student governance is going to be actualized?”


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