Kabbah calls for sanity in SLPP

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Wednesday August 31, 2005


President Tejan Kabbah, also Leader of the Sierra
Leone Peoples Party has Monday called on all Party
members to “ensure a peaceful transition in the true
democratic and fraternal spirit that are
characteristic of the SLPP.”

He urged members of the SLPP not to allow factionalization, petty squabbling
and unfounded rumours to destroy all that they all
have worked for as members of the SLPP; appealing that
they should close ranks as the issue of building and
strengthening the Party he maintained does not rest on
the shoulders of one or a few people, but on all
members whether rich or poor, illiterate or not.

The President maintained the SLPP is credited for always
resorting to democratic means in solving its problems.
He cited the issue of Chief Hinga Norman taking the
Party to the Supreme Court ” and used his democratic
rights to seek legal redress,” while continuing: “We
feel proud that again as a family instead of internal
rifts dividing the Party, we have respected that view
and at the moment are awaiting the verdict before
proceeding with the convention.”

President Kabbah called on the Party membership to work to ensure a
peaceful transition, while urging them to act as
models “which other Parties can emulate to foster
democracy in our beloved country.” He noted: “we have
paid too dearly for the peace we are now enjoying,
even at the expense of some of our compatriots.” He
added further, ” for those who gave up their life for
such peace, the best compensation to them is for us to
ensure that they did not die in vain.”

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