Kamara-Bah Selections Inspires the nation for 2018 APC victory

By Sanpha Sesay

The Texas Chier

The choice made by the His Excellency, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma and the National Advisory Committee (NAC) of the All People’s Congress (APC) party to select Dr. Samura M.W.Kamara as the All People’s Congress APC party flag bearer and, Honorable Chernor Maju Bah as the running mate is proven to be an excellent choice.

In the past few days since the convention in Makeni on October 14, many people across the globe have perceived that president koroma has discharged from his constitutional duty with integrity as the leader of the APC party to select a flawless team without moral pervasion and depravity.

From the moment of the announcement of the flag bear and his running mate on that day, many supporters have mesmerized those aspirants who have been campaigning ferociously. Most of who became disoriented causing violent disturbances in their minds. The question of who knows Dr. Samura Kamara began to play in the minds of some people, indicated in their brief chant, “You Sabi Am”? The main opposition, the Sierra Leone People’s Party took advantage of the situation for the slogan “you Sabi am” then move to propagate it.

A few hours later, the truth about the attributes of the two gentleman flared out quickly on the streets of Makeni and across the country, then the APC fans quickly picked up the unfavorable circumstances of the slogan by the opposition and people began to chant in response,  “Yes na virgin”, meaning they are innocent from being corrupt.

In Makeni, the city where the two names were called, Dr. Samura M.W. Kamara (selected presidential candidate) and his running mate Mr. Amadu Chernor Maju Bah, are touted to lead the APC party in 2018 presidential elections, Freetown was also awash in jubilation with the biggest crowd ever painted the city in red, a particular mode of crowd that we have never seen, one government Minister told me.

It was clearly understandable that many people were astonished when the two names were enunciated, amid many were deluded by their aspirants with their assertion that their candidates would be chosen. But, as Dr. Alpha Kanu said in his conceding statement when addressing a group of his supporters soon after the convention, the chances of winning in a 27 contestants is almost 1/27. Therefore, there is no need to be bewildered. That conceding video of Alpha Kanu won him the respect and honor of many people across the country and the diaspora.

Based on some intellectual analysis, selecting any one of the big names in that race for the flag bearer position to represent the APC party on March 7th general elections would have been a political schizophrenia which would have cost the party if not the nation.  It is heartrending to the remaining 26 aspirants who did not have earlier advice from someone not to enter into the race or stop campaigning only to find themselves in a losing battle that some, ended with chronic agony.

Is this choice going to hurt the great APC party? The answer is NO. The party is becoming stronger than ever according to views gathered from social media. Evident is that, despite disappointment from the majority fans of the party felt when the party “life Chairman”, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma shelled the Bombshell on over one million people in Makeni watching and listening, everybody returned home peacefully with no exhibited of violence such as road accidents. The crowd entering Freetown on the night of the selections demonstrated clearly that the APC party fans would rather let it go, but will not allow the party to run loose for anyone’s interest.

However, many experienced political analysts also believe that no matter which name the APC choses, the party still has a chance to win on March 7th without even going to a run-off because of the weakness of the opposition from the other parties.

Few days later, after Pa Ernest threw the bombshell in Makeni, opinions from both major parties, the APC and the Sierra Leone People’s Party SLPP began to discern and uphold that the APC picked are free from corruption, a condition which would have been an issue that menaced the party on the doomsday of March 7.

The fact about Dr. Samura Kamara is that, many people will claim not knowing him, but on the other hand, if voters are asked now to express in words and phrases describing the flag bearer of APC, relatively a small percentage will express negative views of Dr. Samura Mathew Kamara. Majority will be calmed and harmonious.

The question of the running mate Mr. Amadu Chernor Maju Bah, popularly known in Freetown as Chericoco being a Fullah to be selected for the second position, is a political argument that needs to be won by the true lovers of the APC party. Again, if anyone asks now, “You know him”? Yes, he a Sierra Leonean and he is the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, a position I believe will not be granted to a foreigner, even a Chinese.

People need to aware that tribalism and stereotype is a true cause of hatred that Sierra Leoneans should not condole in this 21st Century. Tribe recognition should not be considered as an instrumental in determining the viability of a candidate in any political party. Chericoc has a well establish esteem and admiration of his associate.

Dr. Samura M. W. Kamara’s profile has been published on every media for the world to know who he is. For the past two decades, the APC flag bearer has rendered faithful, conscientious, and valuable services in our country. Despite the fact that many people are ignorant of his service yesterday, he became a political celebrity in our nation within one week. Support the two gentlemen to pilot and co-piloting us on March 7th for the ten year journey.



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