Even as Tripartite Committee working on restoring democracy, Maada Bio’s tonton macoutes arrest lawyer and invite Kemoh Sesay to CID for speaking out



By Lamrana Bah

I wonder how His Excellency Julius Maada Bio who is traveling to lecture on Democracy and is being referred to as “The Father of Democracy” will allow the police to arrest and detain a citizen for alleged cyberstalking in his name.

We were warned about the Cyber Law and now the Sierra Leone Police is being used to use it to intimidate and victimize the very citizens they should protect.

We all should be scared and worried about what is happening. If a lawyer can be arrested no other citizen will be safe to question or speak about their President.

There is no other time when we need to stand together as citizens than now to speak up against the blatant abuse of power.


Sir even you yone legitimacy highly questionable. Tuma ein yone sef questionable. So just inform the public what you received is a number of lawyers. Tuma does not represent the Bar Association Executive.”

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